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Foot Drop Symptoms
I developed foot drop several weeks ago, at first I noticed my right foot was dragging and thought my shoe had torn up. Different shoes and same thing. This lasted about three weeks and one day out of blue the numbness, tingling and pain started. That sent me to family doctor who sent me to spinal doctor that confirmed the foot drop and scheduled lumbar MRI. That has been done and I am waiting on doc appointment to get results.
Since my last doctor visit the symptoms have been growing. I have had lots of cramps in hands and left foot but dont recall any in right foot, I am having the tingling in my arms and both feet/legs. For the first several hours each day both legs are trembly weak, making walking very slow. My knees have started hurting and are very stiff. By the end of day the pain is getting pretty bad. I have a hard knot on outside of right leg about five or six inches above ankle. That area is numb to the touch and has a pain like a cramp. Rubbing it seems to affect the numbness in my foot.
I dont know if there is any link but my son has muscular dystrophy. They have never been able to pin point it to any paticular strain as he has symptoms of several combined.
Any ideas on what is going on would be greatly appreciated.
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