Acid reflux - severe belching ?? Please help :-(
by Siobhan87, Apr 25, 2010
Somebody please help me, I am becoming more and more miserable by the day!!
Two and a half weeks ago I started feeling really gassy in my chest and felt like I had a huge bubble of air under my rib cage/my tummy and kept burping but not normal burps, it felt like trapped wind stuck in my oesophagus and they are constant.  And kept getting an acidic taste in my mouth.  Also my upper tummy was/has been making the most awful noises, it sounds like I have gallons and gallons of water in my stomach when I don't after I eat or drink something! So a few days later I went to A&E about it (couldn't get a GP appt as I was working night shifts at the time), and she did blood tests for my gall bladder and a rectal examination which all came back normal, so the doctor put it down to an acid reflux (I am 22 years old by the way).  Prescribed me lanoprazole and said to keep an eye on it.  Took them for a few days, helped the symptoms for a few hours but kept happening so went back to A&E, saw an absolutely useless doctor who couldn't wait to get rid of me who also said acid reflux and said the lanoprazole will take weeks to kick in.  Anyway symptoms persisted over days, I tried everything - assilone, peptac, drinking water/milk, which helped for a short time but not long enough! So went to my GP and he thinks it's my gall bladder and has referred me to have an ultrasound of my upper abdo this week (it's on Wednesday 28th April).  Anyway a couple more days passed and I kept having the constant belching, all the time, and like I say they are like trapped wind burps, constant!! Driving me insane and my tummy keeps making the wishy-washy noise so I went BACK to my GP and saw a different doctor, who thinks it's IBS (irritable bowel syndrome - been told I have that before), as when she examined my tummy it hurt in certain places that she pressed, and I have been opening my bowels more than normal - no diahorea at all, just soft stool - normal colour also.  So she said my bowels are inflamed.  I requested to have a gastroscopy so she has sent off for me to have one done.  I also told her that where I am constantly burping all of the time, it has made it feel like I have a lump in the back of my throat, she said that is caused by stress (I have been stressing over it BIGTIME and been crying almost every day cos it's so so uncomfortable and ruining my lifestyle), and she said the acid also causes it as it aggrevates my throat.

Please can someone who has these symptoms talk to me! And tell me if all this constant belching is normal.  I am going for a blood test tomorrow morning to check my pancreas is all okay and that will rule out any problems.  

Please help I just find myself crying all the time cos I dunno how to control it :-( and I am such a paranoid person I keep thinking worst case scenario which obviously isn't helping as stress makes it worse... but I can't help it :-(
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by Jangela, Apr 25, 2010
  Oh Siobhan,
       I so feel for you. I went thru this with my husband and his acid reflux problems. To see him so worried, sleepless, the relentlessness of the symptoms, He was sure he had a life threatening disease. I was a wreck myself! If you do have GERD, which it very much sounds like you do, here is what my husband did to control his symptoms and get his life back.
     His doctor put him on Prilosec for 2 weeks to help his burned esophagus heal. He tried several other meds with no success, but this seemed to work well enough that he could stop taking them when his throat was no longer injured, then we moved on to these natural remedies:
    1) Take a broad spectrum digestive enzyme with each meal, every day.
    2) Drink aloe vera juice to soothe and help heal your digestive tract.
    3) When heartburn or reflux threatens, he takes 2 activated charcoal capsules. These soak up excess acid and gas really well. As a matter of fact, I had to take some yeasterday, because MY stomach felt sour, and an hour later, I felt noticeably better.
    Go to a health food store for these. You can also drink wheatgrass juice to help alkalinize your belly. Read up on these things. They all do wonderful things for your digestion.
    Ah, the burping! That is the calling card of poor digestion. My husband had horrible belching, and I was like, "This can't be normal!" That's when I learned about pH balance and alkalinizing foods. The wheatgrass or aloe juice have greatly reduced his belching because they neutralize the gas that causes it. Give it a try
   The lump in your throat is also very much a symptom of reflux.
       Good luck.
by selmaSBlank, Apr 25, 2010
Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Many have used remedies like Jangela has mentioned...not all work for everyone, just like meds do not work for everyone.

Keeping a journal of how u feel and what u ate can help narrow down ur own triggers food wise and  even stress wise.Modify ur diet and lifestyle using the Health pages tips to help reduce some of ur symptoms.

IBS can affect ur reflux to ur dr about using a product like Mirilax....the burping is caused by the bloating and pressure when u do not eliminate ur waste.

Below is a link to the Health Pages :


by Siobhan87, Apr 26, 2010
Thank you for your quick replies, I appreciate that.

The thing that is getting me down the most is the constant belching.  But they aren't like your normal average burp! The only way I can explain it is, it feels like I have a big ball of trapped wind in my throat (just below adams apple area) and it comes up in phases, but the 'burps' aren't smelly, just windy! And I constantly have this feeling of trapped wind in the back of my throat which is a 'lump sensation', feels a bit like phlegm, which I can't seem to bring up. It is driving me insane!!!
by Jangela, Apr 26, 2010
       I don't know exactly what causes the sensation of the lump, but I suspect it's a combination of excess mucous, irritated esophagus , and trapped gas. Maybe your body is producing the extra mucous in an effort to coat and protect your esophagus from further damage. The esophagus lining may have also constricted and now between the smaller passageway and the phlegm, the wind is having trouble escaping. In any case, it sounds miserable and I wish you success.
by Siobhan87, Apr 26, 2010
Ah it is so miserable, seriously the amount of times I've been in tears over it the past few days... think I am driving my boyfriend mad! As soon as the belching stops, it just feels like a tight sort of muscular pain under my rib cage - my upper abdo, think it's where it's been straining so much.  Also have a lot of trapped wind at the moment.  Think it could be a combintation of my IBS as well.

by selmaSBlank, Apr 26, 2010
Hi...I totally understand how u feel, and I am sure if u get the OBS under control u may get rid of that burp/bloated feeling.

AS I mentioned b4...whenever my IBS flares, I too, have many of the issues u mentioned, plus I do have a hiatal hernia.....

Hang in there and do see a GI dr about ur IBS....keep a journal in case u have food allergies.

by Siobhan87, Apr 28, 2010
Well some good news! Had my ultrasound scan today which reveals all my organs are fine in my tummy, and the past few days i've felt alot better, still got a bit of belching and the 'swallowed air trapped in throat' sensation but i'm just learning to ignore it and I haven't had to have any of my lanzoprazole pills for 2 days now... watch this space!!! xx
by selmaSBlank, Apr 28, 2010
Congratulations !!

So glad to hear u r feeling better : )