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Are all of my daughter's health issues connected?
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Are all of my daughter's health issues connected?

My daughter is 2 1/2.  She was diagnosed w / GERD @ 5 mo old.  She was relatively healthy for the first year but her health gradually deteriorated over the next year.  In 2008 she had 4 Pneumonias, Bronchiolitis, Bronchitus (bronchitis), 3 sinus infections, RSV, and an ear infection, she also had several viral infections.  She has 3 confirmed diagnosis' ; GERD, Asthma, and mild Laryngo malasia.  Her doctor suspected a T.E. fistula ( H formation ) but saw no evidence of this.  So far she has had a sweat test (negative), a milk scan (confirmed that she still has moderate to severe GERD / but showed that she is not aspirating), a Broncoscopy (which confirmed Laryngo malasia) fluid samples from her lung came back positive for the same bacteria present in children w / cf.  All of her airways were full of thick sticky mucous, and an upper GI ( normal result ).   I also suspect that she has sleep apnea, she has never slept all the way through the night.    She also sweats alot at night, tosses and turns and wakes suddenly coughing and sometimes unable to take a breath in.  What could be causing all her sickness?  Could all these problems be connected?  Could this be atypical C.F.?
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Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.
I am so sorry that ur ittle one has so many health issues.
Since I am not a medical professional and we are a support forum, I am not up on most of ur daughter's conditions.

Maybe you can explain some of it while I research some.But I do need clarification on if by C.F. u mean cystic fibrosis or something else.Which from what I do know about it I am assuming that is what u are referring to.

I am not familiar with Laryngo malasia...and will look it up.

From everything u mention I believe that ur DD's GERD may be a result of all the "sinus" issues.Post nasal drip/phlegm will cause additional acid to be produced.

Again I am not a dr or in that field...just like u here of rinfo and support, but we will try an d get answers for u.

U may need to ask in the expert forum......

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Have you tried an allergy specialist?
It's possible some of the symptoms could be due to either food or environmental allergies.
Allergies can reduce the immune system making her more susceptible to other infections.
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