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Burning/Itchy Skin/Excessive Hunger
Help! I am a 39 year old very healthy woman. I have started having the following symptoms

1. Severe burning in my ranging from my stomach to my throat
2. Itchy skin (may be unrelated)
3. "lump in my throat" feeling
4. Light-headedness with slight blurry vision especially while driving.  
5. Excessive hunger

I have tried the following meds:
1. Nexium
2. Pepcid
3. Zantac (best so far)
4. Apple Cider Vinegar baths for my skin

I would like to try Orange oil or Orange peel extract for the GERD.

Does anyone have any ideas for me?? I can't see an MD right now...Thx!
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In addition to medications lifestyle modifications also important for treating GERD.
These include-
1. Head elevation while sleeping
2. Small frequent meals
3. Going to bed 2- 3 hours after food
4. Avoiding bed time snacks
5. Avoiding smoking and alcohol
6. Avoiding tight fitting clothes
7. Avoiding cola, citrus drinks, carbonated drinks, tea, coffee, spicy food
8. Weight reduction

Check your blood glucose level.
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