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Burning Throat / Helicobacter
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Burning Throat / Helicobacter

Can somebody please help me?!!!!

I have had a burning sensation in my throat (no other symptoms for the last 2 months).

I have had a GI and i was helicobacter positve based on Biopsy and a tiny Hiatus Hernia. I had mild gastritus and
there was no damage to my stomach or oesophagus.
I was put on a 2 week triple therapy and finished 1 week ago but this burning sensation will not relent. The funny thing is the symptoms are not classic GERD.

The burning starts first thing in the morning and lasts all day
PPI's are totally useless
I never wake up with heart burn during the night
I dont get acid coming back up into my mouth
It disappears when I lie down
It calms down when I eat
It is soothed when when I drink cold water
I have a great appetite
It disappears when I exercise

Can you please tell me what you think it is and how long I need
to wait beofre I should see an improvement in my symptoms after
the anti-biotic treatment???

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Hi Irish1982,
Since one or two of the symptoms you have mentioned do not fit in to GERD, I would suggest that you undergo
1. Upper GI endoscopy
2. 24 hours pH monitoring

The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.
- Ratnakar Kini M.D.

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I have similar symptoms as you..I have never heard of anyone except you as of now..I have had my symptoms for over 2 years..I have also had GI scopes and PH monitoring..mine came out negative..I use nexium 2 daily is your symptoms now??any better or any more suggestions from your drs??
I would love to hear your comments..Annette186
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Yes, i think I am fairly unique as I have baffled doctors so far.

An issue could be that i took such strong antibiotics to finally kick the HP infection that I have developed some kind of fungal infection in my
oesophagus or throat. My symptoms are still the same as above and begin in the morning and steadily get worse irrespective of eating or not.

I am going to see an ENT specialist on Friday who is supposed to be excellent as I am fed up with my Gastro Specialist. Whenever I ask her why this, why that? all she ever responds with is "well there is literature to suggest that....". I don't want literature, I want you to tell me what the problem is!!!

I have had a Gastroscopy and she found no damage whatsoever but she never once checked my mouth, adenoids (adenoids) or even did any blood tests!

I will let you know what the ENT says. Here's hoping!

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I just wanted to let you know..that I have pretty much the same symptoms and have gone to 2 GI specialists and 2 ENT drs..I was even sent to an Allergist..they say I have post nasal drainage due to allergies..that is why my throat is sore at times.."irritation" but I have had so oooooo many test and procedures and spent tons of money...and still no answers! I also have the burning all day in my throat ..kinda radiates throughout my thyroid area and such..I dont have any problems at seems better when i sleep..but once i get up its burning again.. and gets worse through out the PH test was negative while on the Dr. said I had "functional Heartburn"  which tells me nothing..just that anything can irritate my throat..ever heard of that before???
well my ENT dr told me that i could possibly have nerve damage..some how..she says I am one of the people they cant find answers for! lucky me!! I would love to hear what your ENT dr says!! please keep me posted.. I really feel for you!!! since it is very similar to far as you described! wish you lots of luck! hope you find out what is wrong!
Annette 186
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Burning throat sensation + headaches and its bad enough to affect my mood swings. All blood, scans, endoscopy clean.

I have been on Protonix 40 MG. I get this atleast once every 3 weeks.

Please email me at ***@**** if you have any suggestions.
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Sounds sooooo much like the same thing I have, except with the exception of something stuck in my throat, that comes and goes. Went to my ENT, who did a strobosopy, and said that my acid reflux seems to have healed, am still getting very small amounts of acid up to the larynax, causing all the symptoms that everyone here has, evan tho I do not feel the acid coming up. His recommendation was to follow all gerd diet guidlines and take previcid twice aday. Not working as of yet, but I do believe the strobosopy did reveal the problem, hopefully a new treatment will be in order. I suggest anyone with this type of problem talk with their Doctor about having this procedure done, it may reveal the cause. Good Luck to all!
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