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Can someone help me whether I have GERD or not
Hello all,

I've been have digestive problem for almost a year, basically after every meal I would have a discomfort in my upper stomach and excess gas rise up to my throat and made me burp frequently (this usually last an hour or two hours and then it's back to stomach discomfort). On a bad day this could last all day long and is very troublesome.

I don't have heartburn but I sometimes get the something stuck in my throat feeling if the excess gas got too much.
Eating diary product and heavy gluten food (like bread and noodles) makes my symptom worse. And lying down alleviate the discomfort and gas rising.

I've been diagnosed as having GERD and intestinal motility disorder with my Gastro specialist. I'm taking 20mg Omeprazole and Domperidone everyday. They do help alot with the symptom but it's not gone (If I stop medication the symptom will worsen). Another specialist just wrote me it off as stress related.

So can anyone help me with suggestion on what to do to alleviate my problem?

Thanks in advance :)
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