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Whenever I drink coffee I feel a sort of pain in te upper part of the stomach.
The onle way to relax this pain is by eating a meal.

I have tried many times to stop drinking coffee but without success, I just lack of vitality when I don't drink coffee.

Does someone has any advice ?

Thank you,
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Hi Jack....
It seems u know what u have to is never easy to give up things that help us function...but if it isn't good for us, then u may want to avoid it.....or mayb u need to use it in moderation.
Have u been to a Dr for ur pain to find out y this is affecting u?

mayb OTC meds like pepcid may help...but seeing the dr is highly suggested....

Below is part of the thread -foods to avoid with acid reflux...

Foods to Avoid:

Avoid high fat foods because they stay in the stomach longer
Avoid any fried foods (fried meats, vegetables, etc)
Consume the following low fat choices:
Low fat meats - Chicken (without the skin), Turkey (without the skin), Fish, Loin of Pork (as tolerated)
Non-meat sources – Soy products, Nuts (small quantities as tolerated)
Low fat vegetarian combinations - Rice & beans, Pasta & beans, Low fat cheese & pasta
2-1% Milk, Skim Milk (no fat milk), Low fat or no fat yogurts, Low fat cheeses, Low fat low sugar ice cream
Substitute dairy products - Low fat soy milk/soy yogurt
Snacks – baked chips, air-popped pop corn
Avoid spicy food (Black pepper, Chili pepper, fresh onion, etc)
Avoid foods that may cause discomfort such as citrus fruits and juices; and tomatoes and any foods made from tomatoes (tomato sauce, tomato juice)
Consume the following choices:
Fresh, canned (packed in natural juices not syrup), or frozen fruits and vegetables except oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lemons, limes, and tomatoes
Use 100% juices
Avoid Chocolate, Peppermint, Caffeinated drinks (coffee, tea, soda), and Alcohol which weakens the sphincter muscle
Try not to consume any foods or beverages that cause discomfort
Every individual is different and some may tolerate a variety of foods better than others. Foods that you know aggravate your Acid Reflux or GERD, must be limited or avoid those foods completely
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Hi Selma,
I have been to the doc, he made an endoscopy and took 2-3 biopsies, he founds nothing beside moderate Gastriris.

He told me to avoid: coke, coffee, hot pasteries.
Also he perscribed  me Losec that I am taking 1 every morning.

The only problem for me is that I can't avoid coffee completely, just need it for feel vitality.

Thank you,
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Have u tried exercise?...the more active u bcome u will see an increase in energy...just a thought : )

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