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Colonoscopy Found a Sigmoid Polyp
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Colonoscopy Found a Sigmoid Polyp

I had a colonoscopy yesterday, Dec. 28th. and when I woke up my doctor told me that he had found a sigmoid polyp.  That's all he said at the time, but to also call his office next week to schedule an appointment to dicsuss results. I also had an endo (the one that they stick down your throat) done on Dec. 19th and he said that he would wait until after the colonoscopy to discuss all the results unless there was some of importance.

Can you tell me about sigmoid polyps with any information that you have?  He didn't say the size of it or anything like that.  Just would like some general info on what happens after they take it out, etc, etc, etc.


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Hi smilie114,
Sigmoid is part of colon. Sigmoid polyps can be
1. Benigh lesion (which is not dangerous) or a cancerous lesion
2. A simple biopsy and histopathological examination will tell you whether it is benign or cancerous.

You have not mentioned --
1. The reasons for undergoing Upper GI endo and colonoscopy
2. Any family history of colonic cancer
3. Any blood or mucus in stools
4. Weight loss

The histopathological report will tell you more. Any biopsy taken from the polyp?
The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.

- Ratnakar Kini M.D.

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I'm 54 years old and had not had a colonoscopy before.  I did the upper GI because I was having heartburn and acid reflux. Found out that I tested positive for HPylori and he said that I have gastritis.  Am now on antibiotics for the HP and then Prevacid after that. Doc said that I also have minimal diverticula.

Doc said when he was going to do the endoscopy that I should also get a colonoscopy because of my age (over 50) and glad that I did.

I don't have any weight loss, sometimes constipation...but have had that all of my life.  Red color in stool a couple of times, but doc confirmed that I have hemorroids (hemorrhoids). Also, did a take-home fecal blood test for detection of blood in the stool and came out negative.

No family history of colon cancer or cancer that I know of. Father died of natural causes ten years ago and not aware of mother's health because of abandonment at a young age.  Knew here parents, but diabetes runs in their family..that's all the history that I know.

In excellent health, as having lost 40 pounds this past year.  Now to normal weight and have been exercising.  I do need more fiber in my diet and have been doing that for the past several months.  Blood test okay, with cholesterol going from 250 to less than 200 and triglycerides at 55.

Talked to doc's office on Monday and they told me it was a small, flat, sessile polyp...and hopefully test results would be in by tomorrow (Wednesday)when I go in for appointment.

Yes, biopsy taken from the polyp to be sent to the lab.....heard that's just procedure.

Appreciate your imput,


Smilie 114
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