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Could this be GERD?
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Could this be GERD?

Back in September I started having major stomach issues that included loss of appetite (which lasted for months), loss of 12 pounds in two weeks, occasional pain on the lower left side of my abdomine, dizziness, nausea, headache, blood with bowel movements, green discharge from butt, constipation, etc. I went to the doctors and they did blood tests and an FOBT (Fecal Occult Blood test) and everything came back normal.
Now months later I am still having frequent bleeding with bowel movements, green discharge, frequent headaches, dizziness, occasional nausea and constipation. In the past two weeks i have started getting burning pains under my left breast and on left rib (thats swollen) that radiates to my back shoulder. The pain comes and goes daily but when its there it hurts to even laugh. Could all this be related? Someone mentioned it could be GERD related?
What is going on? I don't want or can afford to keep going back to the drs with no results.
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Did the doctor do an ultrasound on your gall bladder?  Did the doctor do a HIDA scan in this area?  The green to me suggests gall bladder, liver and pancreas area.  Usually, it's the gall bladder.

Yes, I understand the fecal test suggested normalcy, but that's clearly not really the case, because we know the stool should not be green.

Some of the symptoms sound like GERD symptoms, however this sounds like your entire GI tract is affected.  Welcome to the club in that aspect.  My whole GI tract is very sensitive, so, yeah, in a way GERD can affect the whole GI tract.  The trouble is, this isn't how modern conventional medicine will look at this.  In any case, your complex symptoms can't be ignored.  The chronic green stool suggests that something more is happening than just the upper GI and GERD.

Has anyone tested you for Celiac?  This is grasping at straws, but some of these symptoms do go along with Celiac, too.  So, I'm wondering if your small intestine is affected.  With Celiac, the small villi are affected, specifically they are flattened.  Someone in the Celiac community can give you more specific information than I can.  However, the culprit to the problem is an issue to gluten.  It's sort of like an allergy to gluten, only it's not actually an allergy.  Celiacs have to treat it as a true allergy, though, because even trace amounts of gluten cause issues for Celiacs.  For a Celiac, not avoiding gluten like the plague it really is for them is extremely detrimental to their health.  For a Celiac, this means even micro amounts of gluten.  Be forewarned, though:  If this is Celiac, it can still be extremely tricky to get an official diagnosis.  The Celiac community can explain in detail why this is.

The trouble is, your symptoms cross relate to many different kinds of ailments.  And, yes, there has to be something in which all of these symptoms are related to.  First, if the gall bladder, liver and pancreas area hasn't been tested fully--not just the ultrasound, the green stool suggests this to be an area of concern to be tested--fully.  If this testing does not come up with some kind of satisfactory answer, seriously consider looking into in depth Celiac testing.  You can learn more about what is involved with this on the Celiac forum.

I'm not sure what else to suggest.  But, Celiac is a lot more complex than even many doctors realize, so I think it might be worth investigating.  But, to be fair to you:  The investigation can be quite in depth and pain staking in order to get a fully satisfactory answer.  I myself have had to just go gluten free, in spite of some doctors wanting to doubt me.  More is involved than the blood test, just so you know, but I've come across the same thing that so many others have come across:  Narrow-minded doctors who want to stop looking when their fancy shmancy blood test comes back negative.  You will learn on the forum that this stinking test isn't all it's cracked up to be.  I'm lucky some of my doctors at least believe in gluten intolerance--even if no one is sure whether it's Celiac or not.  I have to treat it as if it is for my own sanity, because I know for sure I have sensitivity to the stuff, even though their stinking test shows negative.  I can't begin to tell you how many others have run into even the whole gammut of tests for Celiac all showing negative but the symptoms showing positive.  I think it's only fair to know how complex this is.  However, you have to look somewhere, and you do have to get some answers.

Hopefully, if my suggestions aren't the answer you're looking for, the suggestions will at least spark a conversation that may prove helpful, so you know what to try next.
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