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GERD & progesterone
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GERD & progesterone

I am reading a book called Digestive Tune Up by Dr John Mc Dougall - it's a great book and I am learning so much.
I've been on the starch based vegan diet since Jan 2011 with some slip ups here and there.

I'm now 45 days off all coffee, alcohol, chocolate, peanuts, oils, carbonated sparkling water & citrus.

I'm a lot better but not 100% fine yet.

In reading Digestive Tune Up I learned that progesterone can contribute to GERD.

I had not known that before.

My doctor put me on Prometrium in Feb 2008 and that is about when my

GERD symptoms began. 2 months ago I switched from

oral progesterone [ Prometrium ] to natural progesterone cream

and Estrogel - estradiaol estrogen. I had a premature menopause at age 36 and

have been on HRT since. I am worried that I must now discontinue the

natural progesterone cream all together to completely overcome GERD?

What do you think? Anyone know about this?

Dr Mc Dougall and others say to raise the head of your bed 4-6 inches. Do you think it's necessary for

me to raise the head of my bed since I have been

not eating anything after 6 pm and I go to bed at 9:30 or 10 ?
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I have absolutely nothing to contribute for most of your post, other to say that I would be like a lemming and jump off a cliff without a cup of coffee at breakfast, and wine with dinner!
However, I'm sure I hoisted myself on my own pilchard by enjoying these drinks.  That being said, raising the bed as suggested was very helpful to me.  There are many reasons for GERD, in my case the LES valve failed, and allowed acid  to migrate into my esophagus.  I'd suggest you contact your doctor and ask for an Endoscopy to determine if the cause of your discomfort can be determined. I'd be very cautious about basing my diet because of a book.    
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thanks for your comment. i do plan to see a doctor and ask for an endoscopy if these self-help measures don't totally take care of the problem.

dr john mc dougall is a well respected doctor and he's not the only person saying what he writes. for one thing - i have read many places that FAT or OIL can cause the LES valve to not close.  i wouldn't base my actions on just one book. here is a summary of what mc dougall says to do:

Consume a plant-based diet, low in fat and high in fiber

Avoid foods which aggravate the indigestion, such as raw onions, green peppers, cucumbers, radishes, and fruit juices, and hot spices

Eat small meals frequently – Do not over-distend your stomach

Lose weight if you are obese, and wear loose clothing

Give up regular and decaffeinated coffee

Whenever possible avoid medications which lower LES

Raise the head of the bed four to six inches (extra pillows will not help – they only bend you at the middle)

Avoid lying down within three hours of eating

Stop cigarettes and alcohol

Take antacid medications as a last resort.

i thought i could never give up my 2 cups of morning coffee and my 2 glasses of afternoon wine but amazingly i did-! i miss the wine but i actually sleep better and feel better without it. maybe one day i can resume drinking it but if not i'm fine without it. at my age i do not want to be dependent on any substances. i now drink an herbal coffee substitute--make of grain. it's pretty good.

yesterday i read about calcium--chewable - so i bought some.
I saw the best video clip from a past episode of the Today Show.
you Google: The Today Show "Have acid reflux? Soothe it naturally" - you should be able to find it.... but i'll also post a link if i can.
There is a doctor talking about natural remedies such as: Calcium (in powder, chew or liquid). He says Calcium "tightens" the Valve....
He talks about carrot juice and cabbage juice for Gastritis.. and of course DGL.  Check it out. It is encouraging.
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  Hi...this dr is not the only one to give these examples of what to to to help with GERD
  If u take a look at the list of foods to avoid and foods that r safe in our Health Pages u will see a similar we do advocate some of the same thing...elevating the head of the bed, avoiding many if the same foods u     mentioned...

  The thing is go to ur Dr and have all ur vitamin and mineral levels checked, if ne r too low or too high u will not feel right...and if u correct the levels naturally with diet u will be helping urself in the best possible way....

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