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GERD, the heart and wieght loss Success
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GERD, the heart and wieght loss Success

Hi everyone,

Has anyone had success with curing or reducing GERD by losing weight or reducing breast size?
I apologize for this being so long but I want to be thorough in cause my post can help someone with the same unbearable problems.  

I've been suffering from GERD since last summer... Everything about it was so acute. Which leads me to believe it's because I gained way too much weight fairly quickly and my body could not adjust to it. This week I lost 3 LBS and I'm now about 5'1 and 199 lbs. Honestly I feel a little better just having 3 lbs gone so now I'm losing wieght to cure my GERD.

I'm also planning for a breast reduction in the next 3 months. I was also told by several doctors I need a breast reduction (ASAP) as well. I also know my breast have gone up 2-3 cups sizes since the summer. They are awfully heavy and press down something terrible on my ribs and stomach. My breast also wreak havoc on my back, shoulders and the nerves in my neck (causing loss of feeling and numbness in my arms and hands).  

A little history on me, Over the course of 2 years I gained about 60 LBS. The last 15 LBS since last summer. I was fine one week, never really had many problems with heartburn and BAMM! I'm in the hospital because I thought I was having another PE from a protein S deficiency. Come to find out I now had GERD and it was not a PE.

My GERD has resulted in dull chest pain (occasional shooting gas pain) and my heart races so I feel like I'm going to pass out often. I hate the way I feel, I was normal and fine then all of a sudden this. All of my doctors say they have never heard of GERD causing heart problems or a racing heart and it may be panic attacks. But I know what a panic attack feels like, I can control my panic attacks once they began...I also know when a panic attack is about to happen.

This "New heart racing"  on the other hand I can barely get a grip on. It also only happens with gas or stomach pressure. I can't breathe my way through it or meditate it away like a panic attack. The only thing I can do to make it stop is release the gas pressure (includes stop laughing, singing yelling or any activity that utilizes my diaphragm). I've read tons of forum post about people having the same heart problems I'm having. However doctors seem to have no answers but a small nerve link between the heart and esophagus. I had countless EKG's and MRI's and CATs done. Not to mention Ultrasounds to check for clots (have a history of blood clots). All heart test and scans came back normal and clear. Endoscopy and stomach test all came back normal. My doctor did say that my esophagus sphincter doesn't close all the way now though.  

When my GERD is really bad any gas or pressure what-so-ever makes my heart race. I can deal with the heartburn and even the pain in my chest... but the heart skipping and racing I cannot deal with.  I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack from a fart. I can't sing much anymore, laugh too hard or push out any gas (burps or poots) or my heart shoots through the roof and I get light headed. It's funny thinking back at it, but SOOOOO not funny when it's happening.  

Anyway, with all that being said I know I have to help myself get better. Losing weight seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. So now I'm just looking for hope as I embark on the weight loss journey. Has anyone had GERD RELIEF success with weight loss?
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HI and welcome to the forum.

Good luck with the weight loss...I wish I could lose weight also.As long as ur dr monitors ur weight loss I am sure u will be in good health soon.

I agree with you that losing weight should help with the gerd symptoms...not sure if u can "cure" it tho. I have had issues for yrs and now that u mention flares coinside with added weight.

It could be that our clothes get tighter also.....

Please keep us posted on ur progress
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