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Grade B reflux oesophagitis with sliding hiatius hernia
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Grade B reflux oesophagitis with sliding hiatius hernia

I had an endoscopy and the report was the following:

oesophagus: normal upper and middle oesophagus
                   grade B reflux oesophagitis

stomach  : sliding hiatus hernia 3cms, moderate gastro-duodenitis
duedenum: spastic pyloro-duodenal junction
procedures: antral mucosal biopsy carried out for clo test
disposition: clo test negative.

Been on 2drugs(moxolon and lanzole) for a month. but my drug is finished and gas is now coming up to mouth again.What can i do as my doctor says she wld only prescribe 15mg of lanzole and no more moxolon(the moxolon was really helping).

Please can someone tell me if this report is dangerous cos not too sure bout it and been googling and keep getting a complication is oesophagael cancer. Am i close to dat point?Can grade B oesophagitis be healed?Or is it some kindathing i have to live with for the rest of my life?

Must i do surgery for d hiatus hernia? if not, would i have complications for not doing surgery in d long run?
Please need answers asap plsss

Im 31yrs by the way and weighing 55kg

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I'm not a health professional,  but a Sliding Hiatus Hernia would certainly get my attention.  Were you diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus?  Barretts is an indicator of a pre-cancer.  
I didn't have a Sliding HH but had issues that led to Barretts, and I elected to have a very successful surgery to repair the HH.  I'd suggest you talk again with your doctor.  Obviously you have symptoms of reflux.  There are basic things that are suggested by the GERD doctors that can help and that Selma who moderates this forum suggests:  Raise the head of your bed about six inches, this keeps acid from rolling into the esophagus at night.  Don't eat anything three hours prior to bedtime.  Stay away completely from carbonated products, but especially before bedtime.  Beer is a no-no.  
Talk to your doctor, get your options and proceed with a plan is my suggestion.  You will be OK as long as you develop a plan with a health professional.

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