Long-term acid reflux
by Mysana, Apr 17, 2012
I've had acid reflux since I was about 4yo. Nearly every day for the past 14yrs I had a painful swollen throat as a result, it would get to the point where it was hard to breath and extremely painful to breath. My doctors were unable to diagnose it until I self-diagnosed and had them confirm. I was prescribed reflux medications for the first time this year however they caused my throat to close up. The damage its caused has made things like singing very painful for me for more than 1 minute. Lately, it's gotten worse, I can't eat any fruit, drink any juice, eat ketchup etc. anything acidic without my reflux getting really bad to the point where it feels as though acid is gurgling in my throat. I'm considering trying to take Zantac daily, however I have no yet started doing so. My acid reflux is prone to worsen at night and then in the early morning to late afternoon is when I have my swollen throats. Also around the time this happens my stomach bloats up about an inch or two resulting in painful stomach aches only relieved by farting/burping unfortunately. Anyways my question is, could there be an underlying cause that may be permanently damaging my body? and If you have any information that may help I would love if you posted as well. Thank-you.
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by Kermit the Hermit , Apr 17, 2012
i have severe acid reflux plus some other problem that i throw up all meals if i dont have all my stomach meds i cant recommend due to each person and case is different but one that many year you probably have a crap load of damage and need the cameras up the butt and down the throat to see how bad the damage is you can also tell how bad by color of your tongue you would have to look that one up i forget the colors and what they are also you need a dentist to see how bad teeth damage is and get fixed before they fall out then a better doctor who will treat this like mine has i was scoped and put on prilosec and another one or two too many meds to remember what they are all for hope this helps