Omeprazole and stomach pain
by jrgreeves, Jun 20, 2011
My mother has had IBS for years and has used prilosec for quite a while.  A few months ago, she was put on Omeprazole and after 2 weeks of bad upper stomach pain, she stopped taking it.  The problems have resided a bit, but has had pain and nausea every since.  After many tests, all coming out normal, she still has not found an answer.  The doctors don't have a clue what is wrong, but she believes the omeprazole caused some sort of infection and will be going on antibiotics this week to see if it will help.

Has anyone else had pain and stomach issues as a result of being on Omeprazole?  Any advice?
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by selmaSBlank, Jun 21, 2011

  HI....Omeprazole is is the same thing...just a generic name, but the same med.

  If ur mom feels worse, it could be 1 of a few things....she possibly did not need the meds as she may have a condition called hypochlorhydria which is too little stomach acid....the symptoms r very similar as when u have too much acid.

One other issue could be the fact she just stopped taking the meds...she should really step off of them slowly to avoid rebound effect...that happens bcuz the meds like Prilosec are Proton pump inhibitors- they stop acids from being produced....when u stop the meds the pumps go back on full force and u have too much acid all at once.....

  Antibiotics r not a good thing for this they kill all bacteria...the good  with the bad and we need the good to help digest food...the more antibiotics we take the more there is a chance of our digestive track being unbalanced.

  Ask about probiotics.....there is testing to see if there is in fact an infection, but it will cause her to feel poorly.....especially since she already has an issue.

   Good luck

PS- Is this a GI dr that is treating her?

by Flycaster305, Jun 21, 2011
I agree with Selma.  By itself, prylosec (Omeprazole) wouldn't cause an infection, and taking antibiotics would be salt to the wound.  That being said, if a doctor prescribed it, it might be an infection from another source.  Do the blood tests show an infection?  Blood tests are very specific regarding infection.  I'd advise your mother to be very careful, make sure the blood tests show infection in the system.  
by jrgreeves, Jun 27, 2011
Thank you for your responses.

I was concerned about the infection issue as well....doesn't make sense to me.  BUT one of her friends had the same issue (supposedly) with omeprazole, and it was resolved after taking the anti-biotics.

Mom has had IBS for 20+ years and developed Diverticulosis / -itus about 10 years ago.  About 4 years ago, she had a "lead pipe" section of her colon removed and she still has many problems.  Garlic and onions in particular give her fits.

So she has been on Prylosec and Prevecid (or however it is spelled) and different meds for years trying to find relief.  The bout with Omeprezole intensified her pain quite a bit and that is why she stopped taking it.  She only took it for about 2 weeks.  Stopping actually gave her SOME relief, but she continues to be in pain in her upper stomach.

Personally, I think she has Gluten issues, and while she has cut back since my own Gluten-issue diagnosis, she has not completely stopped and as long as she is still having SOME gluten, problems will continue.  But I am not a doc....

So meanwhile, I guess we are wondering if omeprezole is one of those wonder-drugs that years down the road will turn out to be dangerous and we are looking for others who have had similar problems and what they have tried and what the results were.

by Flycaster305, Jun 28, 2011
Certainly it is your mom's decision, it sounds like she is going outside conventional medicine and getting antibiotics on the black market regardless of what her doctors are telling her.  Ingesting antibiotics without good reason is the beginning of a disaster.  I do hope she reconsiders.  Medical advice from a friend is very dangerous.  

My suggestion is to listen to health professionals, not friends, not people online.
by jrgreeves, Jun 30, 2011
Ummm.....that is not quite what I said.  My mother would never get something off the "black market" as you put it.  Her doctor is perscribing the anti-biotics.

Her friend told her what happened to her and then my mom asked her doctor about it after going through rounds and rounds of testing and no results.  The doctor decided the antibiotics were worth a try.   My mom does not take anti-biotics willy nilly....we fully understand how detrimental they are in the long term to our overall health and ability to ward off future infections.

However, when you have weeks and weeks up pain in your upper stomach area to the point that you can't go grocery shopping or to church and test after test after test shows there is nothing wrong, then you start to be willing to try anything, especially if it is recommended by someone who has had similiar issues.

I am online now to find out if anyone else has had similar experiences because the doctors are running out of ideas.

And quite honestly, medical professionals are people too....they are not all knowing gods.  It took years and years for them to figure out my health issues and I've had many mis-diagnosis which have caused even more problems.  I am finally with a naturopath who has put it all together and I am feeling better for the first time in 20 please don't promote medical professionals as if they are the end of all knowledge.  It's like saying the FDA has our best interest at the heart of all their regulating decisions.....and we all know what a crock that is.
by selmaSBlank, Jul 01, 2011

  Hi ur mom may have a gluten issue, and it could have been that the generic meds used a compound that she was allergic to and was not in the other meds, and that is y she did not have an issue with the other ones.....

I would also suggest u ask her Dr about trying a helps balance out the ph in the begin with there is some bloating and  runs, but that is getting rid of unwanted bacteria etc.....

Diverticulitis is a painful condition, I had a few family members that had this and there r many foods that do need to be avoided. Have ur mom checked for allergies ask her pharmacists about the compounds in the Omeprezole  as it is the same med, but again what holds it all together may be a bit diff and something in that  does not agree with her.

  I pray u and ur mom get the answers so she is feeling better soon : )

by jrgreeves, Jul 02, 2011
Thank you, Selma - That is what I have been thinking too.  I am afraid my mom doesn't want to deal with a gluten issue, but the more I have studied it since my own diagnosis, the more I am feeling like this may have been her problem all along.

I did not even think about the compounds which holds the omeprezole together.  I know that most people think that generic is just the same as the name brand, but obviously they are not since I know she took Prylosec for a long time without these kinds of problems.  and I know that many people must take actual Synthroid instead of the generic in order to be good on their thyroid.  So maybe it is an ingredient other than the medicine itself.

I appreciate your feedback.
by selmaSBlank, Jul 06, 2011

I had an issue with some meds not long ago and the pharmacist is the one that told me it could be the compound ...the generics r diff....the active ingredients r the same but the compounds is where they, that was most likely my issue as well.....

Good luck with ur mom's health updates when u can : )

by argie722, Oct 19, 2013
I sure could use some advice.  Being at my wits end with these problems and now being on Medicare, the docs don't do much for me.
I'm 74 yrs old, male, retired, very active.  About 10 pounds overweight, other wise fine. Back problems are degenerative and rheumatoid(I think that's it)
Problem: stomach problems.  Had ulcers since teenager. Almost died with bleeding ulcers when I was 39.  Against my better judgement and lots of NOs, the doctors talked me into having half my stomach removed.  Then the real problems started.  
Now, any artificial sweetener at all gives me migraines.  I've tested and proven it.
Caffeine hurts my esophagus and I have acid reflux/gerd.
With duodenum being removed I have to avoid sugar.  Eat only items that have 0g to 5g of sugar.  No coffee, no soft drinks at all, no tea, even the decaffeinated ones(cause cramping/burning).
I naturally have loose BMs. So a change is hard to notice.  
I've developed ulcers again even though I've watched my diet closely.  Eat balanced meals, no black pepper or spices.  Not sure why it happens.  But after a few weeks of being very careful, I heal up.
I used Omeprazole for months(off & on for years) and then developed stomach problems.  Stopped medicine and problems disappeared.  Started Omeprazole again and the problems came back. I had tried the others, like Prilosec, and they caused me even more problems, and right away too.

I have diverticulitis and get headaches when I eat things like peanuts, etc.
Am allergic to penicillin(hospitalized for reaction), some anti-biotics and some anti-inflammatory drugs.  Develop aches, rashes, etc.  
Eg: Aleve makes my lips break out in blisters.  Ibuprofen hurts my stomach bad.  
I'm reasonably healthy in most other ways, very active and keep very busy.  Have a standard routine.
Am a type A personality.  Mind going all the time.  Was married to a hypochondriac for 20 years and hate to "sound like her".  So I keep quiet.  
Plan to live to 90+.
Any "real honest to goodness help" is appreciated.  Otherwise, I go from day to day with bouts of feeling bad and then I'm fine. Lots of gas and belching.  
Stomach surgery was in 1979.  Two years later they stopped the surgery.  Bummer.  Actually, I really do feel that the surgery has caused me more problems than it "was supposed to fix".