by alabet, Mar 23, 2012
Following a valve replacement and triple bypass I was discharged from Hospital with a number of drugs and a new one being Omeprazole. I did not know why it was prescribed but after a number of months taking it I decided after discussion with my Doctor to stop taking it. A few months later through the night I got this terrible chest pain on a scale of 1-10 I guess it was 7-8. I don't know why but I knew it was not my heart it just did not feel right but my family pannicked a bit and sent for an Ambulance. I kept insisting to the medics that it was not my heart but they did not want to take any chances. I was admitted and went through some tests and they confirmed that I was right. The specialist made me feel awful asking me what do you normally take for heartburn and discharged me with Gaviscon.
I have had heartburn before but nothing on this scale, it was agony. I spoke to my Doctor who suggested going back on Omeprazole which I did. I have not had any problems since but I would like to stop taking it but would not like to go through a similar experience. Is acid reflux common after open heart surgery?
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by boognell, Mar 23, 2012
Well, it may be for you. If I were you, I would continue taking it; much better than the alternative! Many people are sensitive to new things following major surgery nlike  you had. Just follow your doc's orders, he sounds like a smart man. And take your meds. Good luck and God bless.
by Flycaster305, Mar 23, 2012
I've had triple bypass surgery within the last year, and had surgery caused by acid reflux two years ago, so have taken all the drugs you are taking, I'll bet, including Omeprazole.  Your heart drugs have many more side effects than Omeprazole.  
I'm guessing that during your surgery and consequent blood tests, it was determined you showed signifcant GERD problems, hence the Omeprazole
prescription.  Like you were advised by boognell, I'd take it, and soon.  I'd take it exactly as prescribed.  The largest problem you might encounter taking it would be a small decrease in the efficiency of your cholesterol medications, but it's a throw-away reaction in my opinion.

I'd suggest you not eat anything after dinner, raise the head of your bed, avoid carbonated drinks, and see if that helps.  Most importantly, take your Omeprazole exactly as prescribed.

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