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PVCs and potential GERD--link to being bulimic in the past?

Six years ago I was bulimic for a period of a few months. During that time I developed pvcs (they were pretty infrequent, though). My doctor ordered an echocardiogram and found that I had a mild leaky tricuspid valve but she though it was nothing to worry about.

Two weeks ago, after being bulimia free for 6 years, I threw up once after eating something I thought might be poisonous (long story). Last Wednesday (exactly a week ago) I suddenly developed frequent and sustained pvcs. Most of the time I seem to have gas coming up my esophagus following the pvc and I noticed the pvcs were worse after eating. I have cut out alcohol, heavy activity and caffeine. My doctor ordered a blood/urine test and found nothing to suggest that iron or thyroid or electrolytes or hormones could be the cause. I had an ecg done while staying in the mountains this weekend after going to Emergency  during a serious attack where I was having pvcs every few minutes (this has NEVER happened before).

When I got back to town I went back to my doctor and showed him a copy of the ECG (one PVC actually showed up). He has put me on nexium to see if perhaps GERD is causing the pvcs (he thought perhaps the vagus nerve is being irritated). I have only been on it for two days and the pvcs are still frequent and happen several times per minute at some points. I have to wait until August until I can get my holter monitor done!

Is it possible that I sustained damage to my esophagus from purging many years ago? Could there be something more dangerous going on?

Thanks! This is such a frustrating and scary thing to have come on so quickly
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