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Stopping 40 mg Omeprazole cold turkey. Horrible reflux. Is this normal?...
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Stopping 40 mg Omeprazole cold turkey. Horrible reflux. Is this normal?

I have always have Acid reflux pretty bad. Especially when I ate or swallowed, etc..
For the past few months I have been taking 40 mg Omeprazole once a day and it has done miracles.

I, recently, ran out (before my doctors appt.) and I came down with horrble Indigestion.  I can't even hardly eat.

It is breathtaking, I eat Tums, Pepto, etc and it has done nothing.

I, finally, got a refill today and took my first 40 mg pill.

My question is: Is that reaction from stopping it cold turkey?
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I have been taking protonix for four years now, and have loved how well it works! However, if there is ever a time where I forget my protonix such as leaving it behind on a vacation, within 3-5 days, I find myself in serious stomach pain, or in some instances even puking. I don't know if it's 'normal' but you're definitely not the only person having these problems! Hope you feel better once taking the pills again. (It wouldn't hurt to simply call your doctor and ask if those few days without were a normal experience for people with GERD.)

   Hi...Yes, when u r on these meds for ne length of  time u can have a reaction when u stop them suddenly which is called rebound....

  The meds r PPI proton pump inhibitors, it turns off the acid producing pumps....when u stop taking the meds...the pumps all turn back on all at once and u have way too much acid which will make u feel really bad.

  Just having water in this situation can affect u....
  If u want to get off these meds u should step down to help avoid the rebound effect.

My surgery has now substituted 2x 20 mg capsules, they do not appear to work and are a nightmare against taking 40 mg dose. I have a faulty valve aand have relied on this drug for the past 10 years without any side effect. would appreciate comments from anyone who has experienced the same problem with their local NHS trust stopping this medication
I have been sick since September 13th, and I have been to 2 hospitals and they cannot find out what is wrong with me.  I suffer from Hiatus hernia with reflux disease.  I am taking the same drug u are taking omeprazole, and I cannot tell if it is working, since I am taking so much other drugs.  I also take drugs for depression.

Can you help me I currently have pain 2 to 4 inches above my belly button and down the rest of my abdomen?
Try this:  Take Benadryl when you have symptoms, so long as you are avoiding the trigger foods.  If it is necessary, it is okay to take 50 mg (2 adult doses), because I've had that much prescribed for me.  So, this is the prescription dosage.  I learned about this from a friend with similar health issues as my own.

Yes, it will definitely make you groggy.  So, if you have to take it nearer to your normal bedtime, do that when you have to use the prescription strenth.

Absolutely never take more than 3 prescription doses in a 24 hr period.  If you use it discreetly and don't use it to the max it will help.  Most with GERD have food sensitivities and don't realize it.  This is why the Benadryl helps.

Benadryl will add to constipation issues, so definitely use it discreetly.  Try to take only the 25 mg dose whenever you can when you need the Benadryl.  And, always take vacations from taking the Benadryl for at least two weeks or longer.  As with all medications, one can develop resistance to this antihistamine, which is why the vacations from its use is necessary from time to time.  I'm not sure how often one should take these breaks, but it helps to just not over use the medication in the first place so that these breaks from using the medication don't cause the extremes of going from using and not using the medication.


Since it does make a person groggy, if you're on antidepressants and are still experiencing depression symptoms and low energy, you will want to only take this with discretion if needed during the day and only aim to use it at night at bedtime for the after burn of GERD if you do try to go without Prilosec.

I am not certain what the pain is you're having either, and I am still only a lay person like the rest of us here.  Has anyone checked to see if you have gastritis in addition to GERD?  Has anyone checked the duodonum to see if it is possibly inflamed at the moment?  It would all be similar treatment as to GERD, but it is important to know what you're dealing with.
Have you had the test where you have to swallow the chalky substance that sort of tastes like Malox?  This is the barium swallow test.  Have you had the upper GI scope?  It is usually done under anesthesia.  You actually have to request in writing if you don't want to be put under for that scope.

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