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Unexplained Stomach Acid
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Unexplained Stomach Acid

Hi Guys some help please,

Over the last 5 years I have chronic stomach acid. It only affects stomach area.
I have been to numerous doctors, naturopaths, specialists.
The explanation I have been given is called FUNCTIONAL DYSPEPSIA.

I take nexium and that relieves symptoms for about 2-3 days and then I must take another nexium 40 to relieve symptoms.

After 2 endoscopys 1 colonoscopy that revealed a little inflammation in the Lamina or something anyway after all that NORMAL diagnosis.;

I must admit, I do suffer from Stress, Anxiety and Hypochondria.

But I want to know what can I do to stop taking nexium and clear this ongoing stomach problem that I have.

just recapping no matter what food I eat on average the stomach acid returns every 3 days. No matter what and I am saying I have tried everything that would alleviate it.

Thoughts please and some advice for the future

Thank you all...

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  Hi...aside from taking the meds, and following a modified diet, u also need to modify ur lifestyle and try to eliminate ur stress as that can cause the excess acid.

Look at what stresses u and how u can work on that.

Best of luck
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How is your diet? Soda,carbonated drinks, beer, wine and several foods and spices can cause excess stomach acid, like Tomato, and tomato based sauces, onion, garilc, Caffein and chocolate, there is a list on line you can google. Have you ever been tested or biopsied for HPylori bacteria when they did your endoscopy? This bacteria thrives in stomach acid, and causes the acid pumps in your stomach to work overtime, If you were on Acid pump prohibitors at the time of the tests, they would come up negative, because they supress the bacteria, and it also causes inflammation of the stomach and intestine, it is the primary cause of ulcers and can cause stomach cancer if left untreated, any of these conditions would have been diagnosed on your previous tests, open sores would have been obvious to your MD during the scope. One old time remedy that you could try, is Baking Soda, Baking Soda can neutralize sulphuric acid, and that is much stronger than stomach acid. Take one teaspoon of Baking Soda to about four ounces of water, as soon as you stir it up real good, drink it down before the Baking Soda settles in the bottom of the glass. The only other thing that would cause your acid issue is slow metabolism, and Underactive Thyroid disease causes your Metabolism to slow down, along with fatigue, depression and anxiety. You can request your MD to do a TSH blood test, and if it comes out a little high, even if it is in range, then insist on a Free T3 and Free T4 tests, these are actual thyroid hormone levels, so don't let the MD talk you out of these tests, they are very important in determining thyroid issues.  Good Luck FTB5
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