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food regurgitation without acid, ppi side effects
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food regurgitation without acid, ppi side effects

hi, i was put on PPIs and went thru trying about 6 of them and stopped but now it seems my condition is totally worse now,. like whenever i eat anything i start burping a lot,. and i find that sometimes when i burp i have food regurgitation but there is NO acid or bitterness,. its just chewed up mushy food that comes up. is that still gerd/acid reflux?

also i have chronic nasal inflammation and clear mucus,. allergies,. muscle pain all over esp in back, twitching muscles,. stinging eyes, bloodshot eyes,. diarrhea and poorly formed stool

i think the PPI meds have messed me up

I dont know what to do now...

can anyone help me?
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Hi...if u stopped taking the GERD meds abruptly u can experience what is called rebound effects.

U also did not indicate how long u were on the know if this in fact could be ur  issue.
The other possibility is that u were on the PPI's long enuff and now r experiencing too little acid...u can feel similar issues to too much acid.

The nasal issues sound like post nasal drip and would explain the stool issues....which can also cause reflux.....not sure if u had the PND b4 all this started or not.

May I ask what ur GI dr has said in regards to all this?

they cant figure out whats going on , when i tell them everything they think im nuts and just say its anxiety etc, its def not but even they convinced me it was.

I have a good feeling that going on 6 ppis starting stopping abruptly and also using OTC acid blockers and H2 ranitidine prescription strength have caused these problems,

i have been on some for 4 months, some few days some several weeks, starting stopping all over the place over a 18 month time span.

I dont know what to do from this point on, the symptoms are so bad i cant work and am in pain, the stinging and burning in nose and eyes is so bad and there is a lot of twitching all over the place espcially in the upper stomach lower chest area and back and neck pain.

when i bring up the ppi issue as a possibility of all this the docs say that once i stop it should be eliminated from the body so it cant be that then they go into the  anxiety talk..
620923_tn?1446606355 this a GI dr?...goodness.....

Now for the good news; there are non-pharmaceutical things that one can do to survive "acid reflux rebound" and get back on the right track.

At this point there is most likely damage to the esophagus. One cannot hope to improve until the esophagus is well again.
In order to heal the esophageal damage, there are a few things to be considered. First and foremost one must temporarily change their diet. By now everyone should be aware of what foods and beverages trigger their acid reflux. Replace these offending foods with mild, easy to digest foods.

Instead of a slice of pizza with acidic tomato sauce, have a salad. Substitute that morning cup of coffee with a cup of tea. Have a glass of white instead of red wine with dinner. It’s just a matter of common sense, but these changes are necessary during the acid reflux recovery period.

In order to defeat the acid reflux syndrome, one must attempt to become as alkaline as possible. Anything which has an acidic effect on the body should be eliminated. Smoking is perhaps the most acidic thing one can do. Eating too much at one time causes an over production of stomach acid. Aerobic exercise actually causes the body to become more alkaline in nature.

Drinking copious amounts of clean fresh water will help flush out the acidic toxins which accumulate in the body. A body which is properly hydrated is rarely acidic in nature. A glass of water after a meal is a good idea, but drinking much of anything with meals is counter productive. This dilutes the digestive fluids, causing the stomach to produce more acid.

Believe it or not, chewing gum between meals is beneficial. Chewing produces saliva which is very alkaline. Chewing gum after meals puts more alkalinity in the stomach to counteract the over production of acid.

There are many natural ingredients found in grocery and health food stores, which can help during the acid reflux recovery period. Herbs, such as marshmallow and slippery elm have wonderful healing properties. Licorice, natural honey and aloe vera juice can sooth the esophageal lining and assist in the healing process.

There are very few cases of acid reflux which can’t be successfully treated if one understands what causes this condition. Simple things like eating slowly and chewing food thoroughly, in a pleasant relaxed atmosphere, can reduce ones chances of having acid reflux.

We do not have to be prisoners of this drug oriented "acid reflux rebound" effect. It is unfortunate that most doctors rely on pharmaceuticals as the only solution to the acid reflux condition.

If this natural approach does not work, u may want to step off the meds slower...but do get off. U may also ask about H.Pylori testing, or a PH test to see if u have too little acid that can also make u feel the same as too much acid...u may need a probiotic to help get in balance.

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