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fundoploication reversed
My Mother had a fundoplication wrap around ten yeaqrs ago and has been unwell since!!!  She can only eat a few mouthfull's of food every 5-6hrs and is constantly hungery!  But due to the operation it is physically impossible for her get any more food down...

After years of suffering and doctor's palming us off with excuses are seerking to get the operation reversed  but I am anxious to get any feedback from people who have had it reversed as I am frightened of the any more going wrong!!!

Any advise I will be genuinely grateful for!

Did it make you feel better having it reversed?
Did you feel less tight under your bust line?
How long where you in hospital for?
Did you have it on the NHS? or pay Private?  If so how much? + Where?

Hope to hear from you soon as It is now getting serious for my mother's health she is now 6 stone 5 lb and feel she is starving to death before my eyes!!!

Write A.S.A.P.  Thank You
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