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gallbalder removal
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gallbalder removal

I had my gallbladder removed a year ago, since then had serious issue: vomiting, weight gain (right after surgery) severe stomach pain, is all of this related to hiatal hernia or GERD. I have not found any information for either.
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According to the Department of Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin -

"Abdominal symptoms persist in up to 40% of patients after laparotomy cholecystectomy and biliary lithotripsy. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is now the treatment of choice for symptomatic gallstone disease. However, no data exist as to the influence of laparoscopic cholecystectomy on symptoms. We analysed 100 patients who had undergone laparoscopic cholecystectomy at a median of 12 months (range 10-19 months) previously. Pre- and postoperative symptoms were compared and patient satisfaction was graded from 1 (best) to 5 (worst). Time to resumption of full activity (mean +/- SD) was recorded. All patients had more than two symptoms preoperatively. Postoperatively, 61 patients had complete absence of symptoms, 14 patients complained of only one symptom during the postoperative period and 25 patients continued to have at least two symptoms."

I had mine removed a year ago and had to make some diet changes (mind you, not everyone does). There are some suggestions on the web:

"Foods to Avoid after Cholecystectomy

Digestion becomes a problem with removal of gall bladder. The liver on its own has to perform the work to break down the fats in the digestion process. Hence, the foods that cannot be digested quickly are to be avoided. The following foods are to be avoided in the diet after undergoing cholecystectomy.

    Soft drinks
    Spicy foods
    Fried foods
    Foods that contain hydrogenated oils
    Processed foods
    Minimize the intake of refined carbohydrates, chocolates, dairy, poultry and pork
    Red meat

A strict diet including the above mentioned foods helps in quick recovery from the surgery and covers the problems of bile imbalance. This is the only way to return and move on with a normal life."

Are there any other issues in terms of bowel movement frequency, bloating, pain or stool consistency?

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