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help please!

-During last 10 years, from time to time I had bowel rumbling. To reduce that I was going to toilet
straining myself to remove gas.
-In the last two years, I had, in addition, feeling tired, bloating problems.
-6 months ago, one day in the morning I had a sharp pain in the right quadrant and then was diagnosed
with liver inflammation from ultrasound. The liver enzymes were high. After following a high-fiber diet
and loosing weight, the liver inflammation become normal and enzymes came to normal range.
However, the pain turned into a dull pain and recently I have excessive gas, bloating problems
and sometimes mucous in the stool. In February, I had a CT scan which showed normal gallbladder, pancreas, etc.

What is the recent cause of dull pain+gas+bloating problems in the right quadrant?
No blood in the stool, no fever and no appetite loose. I had excessive gas and bloating problems
after liver inflammation.
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