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pain in left side of my throat.
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pain in left side of my throat.

HI ,
I am suffering from a mild pain in my left side of throat from last 4 months. It all started with a viral infection and upon taking antibotic (antibiotic) , it went off. But within fews days the taste of my mouth changed and upon consulting a doc he advice me to take antiallegic tablets . This did not solved my concern then Doc suggested me to do "Andoscope"  and found that it is Acid Reflux.I am taking tablets from 2 months and now the taste is ok but still i feel pain in left side of my throat while take liquid only.Any help here.
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Hi i think you should ask to be referred as i have been to gastroenterology (sp?) just so they can check it , i also suffer from pains in my neck mostly the right side but sometimes both and its so painful, i have read others saying acid reflux is the cause.
Hope that helps.
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HI and welcome to the GERD forum.

May I ask what meds u r on? it one that will help heal if u have damage from the acid?

Not all GERD meds will help heal the injuries from the acid...prilosec will...and a few others.

I am sure the antibiotics may have caused this flare up of GERD....but, it does sound like u may have had silent reflux b4...

Symptoms of Laryngopharyngeal Reflux are:

Continual throat clearing
Chronic throat irritation
Chronic cough
Excessive phlegm the throat
Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)
Constant sensation of something in the throat
Swallowed food comes back up
Post nasal drainage
Weak voice
Cracking voice
Blockage of the breathing passage
Spasm of the larynx (voice box)
This condition is a result of both UES and LES not working correctly.
And it is possible not to have typical gerd/acid reflux  symptoms
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Tablets prescribed to me by the doctor are listed below.
1) Tab Raciper 40 mg
2) Tab Moza 5 mg
3) Larfast-AM

I have taken these tablets for 1 Month and now i take on Raciper 20 Mg in Morning.
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I have had the feeling of something stuck in the left side of my throat for about 3 months.  While I was waiting to get into a ENT I started taking a natural thyroid supplement to produce T4 & L Tyrosine to help my body convert T4 to T3 because I have low body temp (35.7 to 36.3), hair loss & low energy.  The throat symptoms have almost completely gone away (90%).  I had a barium test & my eosaphagus looks normal.

In the meantime I saw the ENT.  He put a scope down my nostril to look at my throat & said that my throat/vocal chords looked bruised.  He said that it was acid reflux & suggested I take an acid blocker.  I do not really have symptoms of acid reflux but more of LPR.  The thing that concerns me is that I have pain in my left upper back every day.  Is this part of LPR?  Is there anything that can be done naturally for LPR?
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Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

LPR is often times called silent reflux, so u do have reflux just not the heartburn associated with it.

The pain in ur back can be from the LPR and I suggest u  see a GI dr, and ENT in not the best once u know it is not ur eyes, nose or throat....

A good PPI that can help heal damage from the acid is what ur dr may rx for u will want to modify ur diet and lifestyle to aid the meds.

Look for foods to for gerd....

Good luck
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It is very important for us to modify the diet accordingly so that it will not going to put any bad effect and so that the prescribed meds will also help in that.

It is more important for the people who are taking more alcohol or have very spicy or junk food which is not healthy and always causes the problem.

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Thanks Selma.  I am waiting to get into a GI but it will take awhile.  I prefer not to take PPI but other more natural substances, like for instance apple cider vinegar is supposed to be good for too much acid and also for too little acid - I tried that but it did not change the symptoms any.  I don't eat junk food (much) & tried to eliminate foods that could be causing irritation.  If you know of any remedies that don't involve drugs I would be very happy to hear them.
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I saw on Dr Oz, that itis a false belief that apple cider vinegar works, in fact it adds more acid.
Now what may be true is there may be people that thought they had gerd, when in fact they had too little acid and this worked for them.

Having too little acid will have very similar symptoms to too much, so the only way to know is seeing a GI dr and having a ph test done, or a barium swallow.

Good luck, I agree natural remedies first if they work : )

DO u know the root cause of ur gerd...mine is a hiatal hernia...I need meds along with a modified diet,....I was able to go many yrs with no meds....but a flareup I do take meds and watch my diet...but it is possible.

And if u have a hernia, there is a new treatment where a trained chiropractor can manipulate the hernia to help with the symptoms it causes.

Keep a journal to learn all ur food triggers, they may be diff from the ones listed in the health pages. That can help u quit a bit....but do find the root cause of ur gerd.

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