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Gastric Problems and others think it is gallbldder
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The gallbladder is a pear-shaped organ underneath your liver that stores bile and most often gives you trouble when something, like a gallstone, blocks the flow of this bile. Discuss topics including gallbladder attacks, gallbladder removal, gallstones, and inflammation.

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Gastric Problems and others think it is gallbldder

• Dull aching pain in upper right quadrant of abdominal, just below ribcage. The ache radiates to my back and shoulder blades (6/10) and always. When enough pressure is placed on the area of discomfort it is uncomfortably painful (8/10). Feels as if something is lodged or swollen in that area. Upon deep inhalation sharp pains and pressure/ resistance are felt in that area and the corresponding area on the left side. After eating a moderately sized meal bloating and nausea are always problematic. With bloating the soreness is worse (7/10) and the pain from the pressure of lung expansion is also (8-9). Upper abdominal pains are made significantly worse by running especially the deep breathing and motion (8-9). Sensitive feeling on skin of entire abdominal and more so in this area. A Higher fat consumption causes constipation, bloating, and feeling of severe tiredness with 10 minutes of consuming the meal. When diet was changed to significantly higher in fat I was bedridden for two days and developed shingles on my third day. No other factors were changed at this time. I did not feel any worse than normal before changing my diet. Ache is felt in lower back of this same area just below ribcage also. Currently no diarrhea or blood in stool. Constant feeling of hunger, inability to sense when full. Stomach never feels full, only bloated. Also feel ill after consuming coffee.
• Areas of abdominal pain when pressure is applied to them
o Lower left back just below ribcage, to left and right of belly button, below ribs and arch primarily on right side, but also on left.
• Main points of soreness besides abdominal include: neck where it attaches to the back of the head specifically on the right side, shoulder muscles above and below shoulder blades (pain radiates to upper neck when pressure is applied, lower calves. Joints feel like they always need to be cracked and do crack frequently. Mostly fingers, then neck, then toes, then ankles, then knees, then hips.
• Poor circulation to extremities. They look somewhat pale, get cold easily, and circulation is easily cut off.
• Swollen lymph node in pubic area. Was first noticed when shingles developed, currently does not hurt. Lymph node behind left ear had been swollen for at least five years, was only recently removed and identified as swollen lymph node.
• Urination about seven times a day. Have always urinated around this amount but seems more frequent now.
• Chronic Headache where severe pain is felt when pressing on the area just above temples (7/10)
• Extreme morning fatigue (8/10), and sense of fatigue throughout the day combined with mental fogginess.
• Dizziness when standing that occurs infrequently but when it does is typically after a moderate meal that contains a decent amount of fat. When one of these dizziness spells happens, must close eyes and must be seated temporarily. Only lasts for a maximum of a couple minutes
• Moderately bloodshot, itchy, dry eyes.
• Chronic rhinitis.
• Skin feels dry and itchy allover

What Has Been Found So Far
• Swollen, scarred lymphnode was removed from behind left ear
• Swollen lymphnode in groin area
• Diagnosis of Ulcerative Proctitis that appears to not currently a problem
o Was on prednisone and am no longer experiencing symptoms
• Mass found on kidney
• Some food Allergies, mainly to almonds
• High number of antibodies to a certain mold
• Stool fecal analysis found high number of K. Pneumoniae bacteria
o Was prescribed and took antibiotics two a day for seven days (500 mg Cibrofloxacin hcl)
• Low T level of 360 free
o HCG shots every other day
• Extremely low  cortisol level in morning (1-2) and high in evening (1.6).
• High white blood cell count found when blood was taken
• Shingles when diet was switched to high fat
• Low vitamin D and B
o Currently taking supplements and getting intraveneous vitamin IVs weekly.
• Moderate Gastritis?

• HITA scan
• MRI of entire abdomen or torso with specific emphasis on gall bladder,pancreas, liver, small intestine, and section of colon that was not inspected by colonoscope
• Complete blood count, fasting blood sugar test, H. Pylori antibodies and many other pathogen antibodies with specific emphasis on pathogens of the gut. HIV, malignancy, cortisol
• Capsule endoscopy
• Double balloon enteroscopy
• CT scan
• Ultrasound


• Complete or partial obstruction of gall bladder or part of billary tree
• Pathogen and inflammation or scarring of the small intestine or colon
• Problems with pancreas (diabetes?)
• intussusception
• Gastritis

I am a 17 year old, male Caucasian.  The very first symptom came on about 6 years ago. the transition to feeling quite poorly has been gradual over those six years. I live in michigan and am exposed to pesticides from tropical flowers on a regualr basis. I was not extremely ill as a young child. i was however fed almond milk instead of breastmilk when young and was quite overweight. i am currently a healthy weight of 150 at 5'8". I have lost weight since symptoms started but i am capable of gaining weight if i eat more calories. A while back my GI symptoms worsened when i was eating mcdonalds three times a day. my current diet is low in fat because suspect it exacerbates my symptoms. any suggested direction to go in, or tests to have run, or really anything at all would be great. thanks. really hoping to play soccer next year
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I have no answers for you:( I just started having pain (bad) under my right rib cage that reaches to the back in my chest with sharp pains here and there. They checked my liver function and said it was normal and for kidney infection which I have not heard back from. I have nausea and bloated feeling (I have lost 5lbs in the last week but my belly is almost as big, maybe bigger, then when I was 8 months pregnant!) It's hard to function in the morning....
Do you watch what your urine looks like? Dark one time and normal the next?
Have you had your heart checked?

I am so sorry you are going through this. The more I look the more I find SO many people that have unexplained abdominal's discouraging.
For myself I have to go back and get my pancreus checked ....since I had my gallbladder removed 7 years ago. The food connection is HUGE with me, I seem to CRAVE sugar (but not diabetic) and fat kills me. No more big macs and fries for me....If you find anything out let me know and I will do the same because the drs .....don't know half (or more) the time.
Take care
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Diabetes Mellitus and Hypothyroidism could cause the symptoms described by you. A simple blood test could help detect diabetes and hypothyroidism. Consult your primary care physician for these tests. Also, certain infections like tuberculosis can cause an evening rise of temperature and lymphadenopathy. This also causes a loss of appetite; as such this is accompanied by weight loss. So, record your temperatures, on a two hourly basis to detect an evening rise of temperature.  Please check with your doctor to rule out this condition.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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not tb, because i've been tested. diabetes seems quite unlikely because i'm 17 5'8'' and 155 pounds. my current theories are bacterial infection like lyme or mycoplasms, and or an abnormality with my gallbladder. i am sure that higher fat excerbates my symptoms and that i don't completely digest most foods.
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I was misdiagnosed for most of my life. I have a form of IBS. It is not "typical" the symtoms (symptoms) vary from nausea to diarrhea (on their own or both at exactly the same time). Pain worse then childbirth & I do no meds! That includes the 8lb double footling breech twin and then later my 9lb 2 oz baby! Nothing relieves the pain. They thought it was my gallbladder but were confused as my attacks started before I was 17 years old. They were occasional but the frequency increased over the years. I had tons of tests done. My gallbladder was not enlarged, there were no stones & not even sludge. I was a mystery. It WAS NOT in my head either! Finally found a Dr who did natural healing and had a ton of knowledge of "odd" and atypical disorders or of disorders, but with atypical symptoms. I had suspected for years what it was but after seeing those specialists they said no way. So it ended up turning out that I have a food sensitivity. I cannot have beef, pork or lamb. No problems with fish or poultry. Having any of the fat is even worse. The animals are eating foods that have mold in them. Let's face it, any silage that is sitting around in a silo for months is going to have mold in it!This is concentrated in the animals' fat. So I avoid it and I am fine. I still can get exposed by accident. I had a really bad attack last week. Probably cross contamination at a restaurant. My gallbladder was spasming like crazy. The pain was awful, I had a bucket while sitting on the toilet! I was hot & cold & hot & cold & even went through periods of dizziness & fogginess. I was bent in half, curled up in a ball in between "episodes". It lasted all through the night, until the next morning at 9:30 am. The next day I felt weak to say the least. I can also get a low grade fever with it as well. When I was 17 the attack was so bad I passed out & my dad took me to the hospital. They could see my obvious pain (in a ball on the guerney), but had no idea what I had, so they gave me morphine! I am allergic to a ton of meds so basically I have to breather my way through an attack. One upside is that I have developed a very high tolerance for pain. In fact with baby #1 I didn't even go to the hospital as I wasn't in pain! Dh dragged my but from our home in Sydenham into KGH as my water had broken. The nurses said I had hours to go based upon my relaxed demeanor. My Dr came in & we didn't bother with any blood or urine tests yet. Then I said ""hmmm, that was stronger & I felt pressure!. Dr. checked me & baby was half way down the birth canal & the Dr. told me not to cough, sneeze or even hiccup. Amanda was born less then 1 hour after we had arrived in the hospital! I avoid any moldy foods plus I cannot eat beef, pork or lamb (I am okay with lean ham packaged).
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