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7 yr old w/severe pain, had hard bowel obstruction last week
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7 yr old w/severe pain, had hard bowel obstruction last week

Hello, any help would be appreciated.  

I have a 7 year old son with a mild form of Autism, bi-polar disease and ADHD.  He has a massive fear of using any bathrooms outside the home, even when I am with him and sit on the toilet to show him it is okay he has a meltdown.  He will not use the bathroom at school, anywhere outside the house and even his Aunts house.  

We eat very healthy.  Lots of fruits, vegetables, and proteins.  No sodas, very minimal sugars, no candy, etc.  He takes 3mg of Risperdal and 10mg of Focalin in the morning and 1mg of Risperdal in the afternoon.

He was out of school for the entirety of last week due to severe stomach pains.  We were at the doctors office three times last week.  She said he had hard fecal matter in his bowels that was causing an obstruction and prescribed Miralax to help soften it so he could have a bowel movement.  I pushed and pushed fluids because they were thisclose to putting him in the hospital because he couldn't keep anything down and was getting so dehydrated.  He finally was able to have a bowel movement and went three days in a row.  

Now it is happening all over again.  He has not gone to the bathroom in four days.  I've tried the Miralax and it has not worked.  I have not given him an enema because the doctor said he could become dependent on them to go to the bathroom.

This morning he dropped to his knees saying his tummy hurt very bad.  After dropping to his knees he bent over all the way laying face down on the floor with his butt put in the air and slightly rocking back in forth.  He actually feel asleep in that position while holding his toast.

He tells me the pain is below the belly button and to the left so I know it is not the appendix.  Usually when he has to have a bowel movement his penis becomes erect.  This has also been happening on and off for the last four days.

He is not running a fever and does not take any other medications then the ones listed above.  He is very sleepy.  He normally sleeps 11-12 hours a night as it is, but when his stomach starts acting up he can sleep up to 16 hours per day.

The doctors office doesn't open for another two hours.  I will be calling to make an emergency appointment for today.  But I would like to know if anyone has a suggestion as to what the cause of this might be.

Thanks for the help!
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It sounds like he's just holding his stool in.  My brother did the same thing as a child.  He simply didn't like having to sit on that cold toilet seat!  He would wait for nearly a week and then stop up the toilet.  Absolutely amazing that a 3 and 4 year old child can stop up a toilet.  LOL!  My mother took to dosing him nightly with a little bit of Castoria, which is an over-the-counter laxative for children.  This product has a tiny bit of senna in it, which is a stimulant laxative.  Run this by your doctor first, because if used for a long period of time, the bowel does become dependent on the senna.

You may need to keep him on the Miralax every day for while to keep him regular, but of course, your doctor is the one to advise you on this.  The poor kid is just getting terrible constipation over and over again.  Does he have any kind of a regular bathroom schedule when this doesn't happen?  It would be great if he could at least try to go in the morning before going to school, or when he gets home.  The Miralax or increased fiber might help get him going in the mornings right after breakfast.  Maybe make kind of a morning, getting-ready-for-school ritual to take some time in the bathroom?
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