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AST and ALT levels elevated
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AST and ALT levels elevated

Hi All,

I know there are a ton of topics in this forum on this.  But i have a different take on my question.  I am a 33 year old male in good health.  I work out 3 times a week, eat healthy and take vitamins.  I have at most 2 glasses of wine on saturdays only.  After a recent blood test for life insurance i was told my AST and ALT levels were elevated: AST = 164 ALT = 77.  

I am really freaked out byt this and have read that this could be from a number of things:
1) Alcohol - i dont think this should apply since I dont drink that often
2) Hepatitis - i believe this is contracted through transfusions (havent had any) or sexually.  I have been with my wife for the past 11 years. I also had blood work done last year and all was fine.
3) Medication or drugs - I have read that Ibuprofen or red yeast rice can cause this.
4) Exercise - i do exercise

I may have taken some ibuprofen and red yeast rice prior to this test.  One of my questions is, if these are the cause for the elevation, are they doing damage to my liver or are they causing the test to be innacurate?  If this is the case, does that mean i should never take Ibuprofen again or any other medication for that matter?

I also take the following and was wondering if anything could cause this rise:
Multi vitamin
Vitamin C
Glucosamine Chondrointin
Tumeric Extract
Tons of fish oil

Does anyone know if splenda can cause this?

I know I need to see my doctor and I have an appointment.  I am just trying to get some peace of mind here before then. I dont seem to have any symptoms.  Two things I do have which I am not sure are related are twitching right eye on bottom eyelid and my wrist joint has been hurting pretty badly and I am not sure why.

Question recap:
1) If medication and Ibuprofen are causing this is it doing damage or just alterning the test?
2) Can any supplements above including splenda cause this?
3) Can wrist joint pain and eye twitch be a result of this?
4) Please provide any advice for peace of mind until my doc appointment.

Please offer some advice and thanks in advance!
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Just wondering what you found out after your test results.  I am also 33 (female) and just had high ast & alt results and your comments sounded kindof similar to me.  I was just curious if it just came back a mistake.  I am also looking for some peace of mind before my doctor's appointment.  Thanks.

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Here is some information that might help you both:

Certain things that only you would recognize might be important.  What does a sore shoulder have to do with abdominal pain?  Shoulder pain accompanied by abdominal pain is a strong indicator of gallbladder problems.  I'm just saying that a seemingly insignificant symptom might be the key to understanding what is going on with you.

You can always check your future labs at

All the best,

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