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AVMs of the GI track
I have AVMs of the GI track and have been bleeding for about 2 years now off and on,
about ever three months. In NOV, they went down and burned what they could. Today
I started bleeding again, I went to the hospital and my blood count was 14. I blead so
much I filled the stool with blood a clots.I was sent home and told to call for an appointment
for a scope another day, Dose all this sound right?In NOV they burned them and now they are
telling  me to call for another time and day. How much can one bleed and for how long and
be safe? The AVMs are at the top of the duradenum in the loop! The boold has always gone
down not up that is good. I still dont know why they are puting it off so long? Please write me
if any one knows any things ,please!

                                                                                           Thanks for listening,
                                                                                                 sister mtt

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