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Abdominal pain, feeling sick, burping and acid feeling
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Abdominal pain, feeling sick, burping and acid feeling

I am a female who is 19 years old and for the past week i have been feeling ill.
My symptoms started when i was out one day and started to get a pain in my lower right side of my back which then reached around to the lower right side of my belly (quite low down). This lasted about 3 to 4 hours and then seemed to be okay. The next day i started to get a pressure twingy pain in my lower lower belly (would say about where my cervix is. The twingy pain is mainly in the centre but is generally right across my belly, from hip to hip. This started about a week ago and is still occurring now. It isn't constant but increases when i urinate.
That evening i was sitting watching tv and started to feel very sick, slight abdominal pain and acid and all of which was around my belly button area and the acid feeling going up to my chest. I decided after all the days of various things happing i should go to the doctors. I went within 1 hour of feeling like this to the doctors and i gradually started to feel a bit better. My doctor thought that it may be a kidney infection for 2 reasons; 1, i previously had a slight urine infection a week prior and 2 because when she felt my stomach it felt sore. She gave me a course of antibiotics for 5 days. After the doctors i went to the pharmacist to collect my medication where i had to wait half an hour for them to prepare it. After about half an hour i got an excruciating abdominal pain, which came and went. I then went to a&e. I felt sick and was very shaky with it too. I had a blood test which the results came back fine and i had my urine checked which also came back with no infection. The doctor decided to keep me on the 5 day course of antibiotics as she thought the urine infection i had now 2 weeks ago had slightly stayed in my body which could of left me with the pain i was in. She also gave me IBS tablets which she explained are good for pain in the abdominal. I took 2 IBS tablets while at hospital and came home to have paracetamol as i also had a headache, when i took the paracetamol i was sick within about 1 minute of taking them.
A week has now passed since i was at a&e and have finished my antibiotics yesterday and i have still been feeling ill. On and off sick feeling, continuous burping, especially after eating and the twingy feeling when i urinate and the on and off twingy sharp pains in my stomach throughout the day.
It is really starting to get me down, especially because i have no idea what is actually wrong and no-one seems to of given me any conclusion to why i am feeling this way. I have searched my symptoms into google but most symptoms are the answer to many medical problems, which is why i have resulted into giving a more detailed description of what i am suffering.
Since i have been born i have suffered from allergies to many foods; egg, milk, nuts, peanuts, peas, some fruits, seafish, fish. When i was about 14 i started to get excruciating pains from fizzy drinks so i completely cut those out of my diet too and the pains stopped. From about a year ago i have suffered from a difficulty with going to the toilet (poo) where i have to eat breakfast as soon as i wake up to make me go to the toilet and have a sachet of fibregel before i go to the bed every night to allow me to go to the toilet the following morning. If i don't stick to this routine i will be constipated and have had to use suppossitories a few times. I have included this just in case these things have any connection to what i am now suffering.

Hope you have an answer for me.
Thanks in advance for taking your time to read my letter.
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Have they done an ultrasound or pelvin exam to check for cysts on the ovary?  Some of your symptoms are the same I had when I had one.

It might be a good idea to check in with your gynecologist just to be sure.  Also, any chance of pregnancy?
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