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Abdominal pain, loose stool, weight loss
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Abdominal pain, loose stool, weight loss


I've been on a long ride since the end of September, I was wondering if anybody could shed some light on this.

I'm male, 30 years old, 5'9" tall, weigh about 150-160lbs. thin build. I Smoke.

Near the end of September I settled into a new building at work.  A fellow coworker needed me to go to the old building to help move some stuff around.  The old building is very dirty and I really didn’t want to subject myself to the nastiness.  I wanted to help him out so I went with.

When I arrived, I started moving computers from the floor to a large desk.  When I moved one of the tower cases, I must have picked it up wrong and heard a pop near my left hip.  When I set the PC down, I rotated my back around to see if I was alright and I was.  Later on, A lady that came in to buy a few old things we were getting rid of, wanted me to move a two-drawer filing cabinet from one room to another.  I figured it wasn't a good idea but didn’t want to seem like an ***, so I picked it up barely and put it in another room.  After an hour, I went back to work and started my regular desk job duties.

This is where it starts...

All of a sudden, I get a sharp pain in my abdomen near my belly button. I started sweating; the symptoms can only be described as a panic-like attack.  My heart was racing, chest pain, fast breathing.  I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom quick.  I went, and it was diarrhea.  I felt scared as hell for some reason.  I went to lay down in an empty office, but the pain in the abdomen and chest was freaking me out.

For the next 2 weeks I continued to have diarrhea or loose stool, and abdominal pain that seemed to move around.  Sometimes the pain was near the middle, sometimes down near my left groin where the leg meets your trunk.  At one point it felt like it was near the edge of my ribs on the left and right side.  Another symptom was no appetite.  I couldn’t eat anything and I was getting weak.  The worst pains throughout this were always in the morning right when I woke up and got dull and manageable near noon.

At the two week mark I went to the ER because I started feeling aches in my left testical.  They gave me IV for dehydration and took a urinalysis, CT of my abdomen, regular X-ray of abdomen and took lots of blood for a CBC.  All the tests came back negative.

By the end of October I would off and on again get my appetite back.  Once in awhile I would get a panic sensation and stop eating again.  Throughout this whole ordeal I constantly wake up 3-5 times a night and look at the clock, sometimes I'm sweaty but not drenched.  I smoke constantly now because I feel it calms my stomach or mind.  My weight has gone down to 130lbs. probably from not eating.   I have had absolutely NO fever through all of this.

I had to go to my family doctor for a follow-up from the ER.  He looked at all the ER paperwork and asked me about my symptoms:

Abdominal Discomfort/Pain
Diarrhea/Loose Stool
Weight loss
Intermittent Stinging sensations (like someone is putting a single needle in a spot and quickly pulling it away) under armpit, near groin, and under thighs.
Pin-***** red dots (petchia?) under the skin (about 7-10) on neck and forearms.
Sore left forearm
Sometimes lower back pain, more near the sides then the spine.

My doctor didn’t know what to tell me, he said I have no fever and my WBC came back good.  CBC came back normal to.  He thought it might be stress/anxiety and put me on Paxil generic.  I used to take Effexor XR since I was 21 and finally got off it last year around June.

So we come to today, in which i have most of my appetite back for the last five days, a little easier to get up in the morning.  Still have dull abdominal discomfort in different areas.  Still have loose stool, although its not as runny/watery semi solid chunks.  Still have the stinging sensations once in awhile near my groin and underarm... very intermittent.

Sometimes I wonder if a lot of the bad symptoms were just from me not eating much for a week and a half.

Any ideas?
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hi, i think you might have a lower back disc prolapse, most of your symptoms might be from the inflammed nerves.
Sorry to hear ur problem. It sounds to me that you may have a Mild form of Crohn's Disease. I have had it myself since 1997 so, I will advise you to go see your doctor and ask to see a GI Specialist to rule it out. Crohn's Disease does go into remission sometimes that's why it's so hard to diagnose. This is a disease that you can definately live it as long as take the right Medicine. which ur doctors will explain good luck my friend.
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