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Abdominal swelling, foul gas, chest pain, tingling
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Abdominal swelling, foul gas, chest pain, tingling


I have been experiencing since February some very odd symptoms

I started out with stabbing central chest pain and tingling in my left arm and hand, this also prompted dizzyness and an ambulance ride for an ECG which was fine.
I also experienced an acid feeling and swelling in my throat.
A+E doctor then prescribed anti-biotics for possible tonsilitis (did not work)
This carried on for weeks, various ECG's and a Treadmill ECG stress test showed nothing, then i noticed that it seemed to happen after i ate, speaking to the GP i then was treated for possible Acid Reflux / GERD.
I was tried on Lansoprosole, Esomeprosole and another which i cannot remember the name of (something-prazole)
I also tried prescription Gaviscon. All of which failed to help
My pains continued as above but also having cramping / stabbing in my abdomen (just above my belly button)

The GP then referred me to a Gastroenterologist, he then sent me for a Gastroscopy which was fine
Then a barium swallow, again nothing abnormal.
I then realised that my pains dissapear when i pass a stool, pass wind or lie on my left side.My stools have always been rather large and quite irregular.

The Gastro specialist didn't seem too concerned with this and sent me to a specialist for a 24hr PH test, he also prescribed me Amitripteline (thinking my Gullet nerve needed calming) and also Laxido as i was complaing about my bowels. He then said he would see me in three months time
Upon arriving to this 24PH  appt i had a questionare, i was no longer feeling an acid feeling regularly by this point. They then questioned why i was even there. Anyway the PH test showed nothing abnormal. She also said that my symptoms sounded like bowel impaction.

Whilst waiting for the Gastro appt to come up three months later, i was experiencing very bad abdominal pain, feeling sick so i went to A+E and they said i was heavily constipated, I had an xray which confirmed i was contipated end to end, they also said because of the amount it's hard to see where the problem is, they gave me an Enema and said i need to speak to my Gastro specialist.

I already had an appointment with my GP for a follow up, i went to that today and they told me that the Gastro guy had called and said he doesn't think he will find anything. The GP said i'm falling into a group of people who just have pains for no reason and i would need to go to a therapy group to help me deal with the pains, even after i told them about the heavy constipation.
They said there's no point doing a Colonoscopy as they won't find anything
How do they know that if they don't check?

I'm a 28 year old male and never ill, this has just come all of a sudden and won't go away

Does this sound like a good diagnosis from the GP's? Have i really got to just live with it?

I'm now taking Prune juice (around 1 litre per day) which gives me incredible abdominal pains and gas but no stool.
Laxido (4 sachets per day)
I'm eating a high fibre diet now
All of this and my stomach / abdomen is constantly swollen, my chest pain comes and goes with gas, occasionally i get a pinching / stabbing in my left upper shoulder

I can't remember how long for but i've also had a foul taste coming up from my throat, like a flatulence kind of foulness.
Another thing i get is a foul smell, it comes up from between my legs but there is no abnormality like a cut or graze. It's like it's seeping through my skin. The smell is almost the same smell as a large infection. About four or so years ago i had spot on my lower back, when drained a large amount of pus (qtr pint) came out, two years later it happened again, the smell is the same as the pus

Sorry to go on but you really need the big picture, i'm hoping that there is an answer out there



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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  I don't think that a colonoscopy will for sure not show anything.  I would recommend that you get a second opinion from another gastroenterologist about this.
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Sounds like H. Pylori
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