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Anal/Grease Leakage III
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Anal/Grease Leakage III

Well, I was given the diagnoses of IBS today. From what I have read on here I don't have the symptoms for IBS. I don't know what I have but I don't think this is it. The colonoscopy was good, the biopsy was good. Blood test done was for thyroid, hepatitis, liver & celiac. All of that came back good or negative. I asked about the fat malabsorbtion, if there was a blood test for the pancreas to check this and she stated that it would have to be 80% gone to show anything. Also she could do a stool test to check for fat content but didn't really recommend that. I am at that point I new I would be at when this started. Doctors don't know anything and just want me to keep coming back for a follow up. I'm done. I have decided to take the wait & see approach. If I should continue to have problems then I will find another doctor, but I got to wonder. Don't doctors ever read sites like this and realize people have little to no faith in them anymore? If anyone has any recommendations on what I can do myself without the docs I would appreciate any input. A little background on my situation I have copied my original posts below.  Thank you

#1. Okay. I have always had "anal leakage", meaning that my butt is typically moist & has a bad smell. I call this my “butt juice”. Usually there is no fecal matter in this though I have had "Hershey squirts".  This is nothing I have ever been alarmed about or seen a doctor regarding even if it is an annoyance and embarrassing. But I was shocked the other day when I went to the bathroom and had large yellow/orange stain on my underwear. I had to continuously wipe to clean myself and it had a greasy feel to it. This leakage continued most of the day then stopped.  When I woke the next morning I was still clean til I had my morning bowel movement. When I wiped it was back, and when I looked in the toilet there was this stuff floating in the toilet like grease or oil. It looked like the grease that is on top of a pizza. So much so that it left a ring in the toilet. It continued again for most of the day but has since stopped and not come back. There was no blood nor mucus and nothing appeared to be in the stool itself. I have not taken any diet pills nor eaten low fat food that apparently contains a grease substitute. Sorry, the name of it has slipped my mind at this time. Nothing has changed about what I eat, medications I am taking or my bowel movements.  I do suffer from GERD and take medication for that daily which controls it. I did have my Gallbladder removed about 7 years ago. I have daily stomach pains that are mainly on the lower right side, occasionally they kinda go up the right side and mid right side of my back. These are not excruciating pains, but more annoying pains though once in while I will get one that makes me double over for a second.  I have not seen my doctor for these either. I am over weight, smoke, drink coffee like there’s no tomorrow and do not eat a “balance diet”. I do not do drugs nor drink. I do have an annual physical, which I just had a month ago.  Everything came back good. So what could cause this? Does anyone have any ideas?
#2. Well I went and saw the Gastroenterologist . After discussion of what was going on she suggested for a colonoscopy and after a physical examination of my stomach a pelvic ultrasound as well as some blood work. I reluctantly agreed to these. The pelvic ultra sound was due to the pain from when she was pressing on my stomach.  Her thoughts were a possible ovarian cyst.  My own stupidity, I had no idea where the ovaries were til the ultrasound and my pain is not near them.  Yes I had some pain in that area, however I think this was due to the pain I was having after she pushed on the main area, which is lower right. After doing some searching on the Internet of organ location, it appears to be close to where the appendix is located. Now this is a throbbing/annoying pain, unless pushed on and then it is a pretty extreme pain.  After the exam I continued to hurt more than usual for a few days.  I have had this before after routine exam during my physicals as well but this was a little more intense.  My thought is because she did push a little harder and longer than my personal physician does. I had the ultra sound on Monday and everything looked normal. I have yet to hear on the blood work. The colonoscopy is scheduled for late next month. Since the first grease leakage I did have a few small drops.  Then on Tuesday night while at my part-time job I was experiencing pressure in my stomach though I could not pass any gas.  I ended up going home and after sitting for a while I was able to do so.  I also began to leak a lot of grease again. It did end with in a couple of hours, but then again the next morning after my morning bowel movement with the drops floating in the toilet again. This time however the grease had a brownish tint to it. It continued all day.  Not in large amounts but it was there every time I wiped and small drops in the toilet. I contact the doctor who called in a script for Dicyclomine.  Well I took 1 last night & it seems to have worked at this point. No leakage, also no bowel movement as of yet though & I have been pretty regular of once in the morning and again mid-morning.  I am not experiencing any cramping or bloating though I have not been passing as much gas either. Now the way it was explained to me is that the colon soaks up excess liquid. My thoughts or question is shouldn’t the grease be sucked up or digested before it even gets to the colon? I also failed to mention that my stool for the past couple of months has been soft and thin. What I call, ribbon like. Not diarrhea, just not round or formed. Is the doctor moving in the right direction with the colonoscopy or should we be looking at the other end?  
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It sure sounds like your doctor is moving in the right direction.  

The area you speak of is where the small intestine connects to the large intestine - called the "ilial/cecal valve"  You are correct that liquids are digested in the stomach and absorbed in the intestines.  That's why diarrhea is liquified, it is not getting absorbed.  

The greasy droplets can be unabsorbed fats, since water is more apt to be absorbed than grease.  Typically if you are not metabolizing fats, your stool would have a film on it that is white.  So you are absorbing to a degree; however, it is easier for liquids to bypass the anal sphinxter and thus you are seeing these spots on your clothing.

The abdominal pain comes from what is called "parastalsis", or the wave-like action of your intestines as they pass processed matter along.  Because the wave action moves along the intestine, the pain also moves along with the nerves that stimulate this action.  Typically, once an area is touched than you can center on where the sensitivity is and where the spasming begins.

Typically with IBS there are a lot of bowel sounds when you use a stethescope.  This again is the parastalsis and spasming.  

The Dicylomine is used to treat IBS is a multipurpose drug called an "anticholinergic".  It is used to treat IBS, but also acts like a (hmmm how do I put this?) it's like giving your intestines a valium so that they calm down and quit spasming.

Your stool is soft and thin instead of being watered down.  The anticholinergic is allowing your body to absorb more water than you had been.  But you still have IBS.  At present it's treatable, but until more is known?  From all that I've read, it's not curable.  

Eliminating anxiety and stress helps considerably.  Alcohol, coffee, smoking... doesn't help because the alcohol and caffeine inflame the area that is already irritated and promote the diarrhea.

You might try staying away from fatty foods like steaks, pork chops...  meat is harder to digest and most people don't chew their food sufficiently before swallowing.  Stay away from things that promote gas (caffeine is great for that!) like raw vegetables, when you are having bad episodes.  Choose blander foods during an episode until your medication eases the action of your intestines.  Remember, they are inflamed at this point and acidic foods like salsas and such, or spicy, are only going to add to your problem.

This is what I know about IBS...  I hope it helps. You'll have to pardon my spelling.  It's been years since I've had to use my terminology.
Thank you for responding; however what you have described still does not describe what I have been going through.
With the first occurrence it was pure grease leaking. It had nothing to do with a bowel movement nor did it occur anytime near a bowel movement. I am pretty regular. I have a bowel movement every morning after my first cup of coffee and a couple of cigs. Usually I will have another mid morning after a snack. My stools have been “soft” since I had my gallbladder removed approx 7rs ago but I do not have diarrhea nor loose stools unless I have a stomach virus. I have not been much of one to really pay attention until the leakage, but since then is when I noticed that they were coming out flat instead of round as I remember. Nor do I ever have to strain to pass them. After taking the Dicylomine, which I only took one of the recommended two, I was constipated for 3 days. This was the first time I had ever been constipated.  I do not suffer from bloating either. The pain is a low key throbbing pain in one general area. Yes it does hurt quite a bit more after pressed on. I can get upset, but I do not stress on things, I do not have depression, I just do not let things bother me. I am a huge coffee drinker and I basically chain smoke. I eat a lot of raw veggies and love spicy foods. I do not eat red meat, or the typical fast food nor drink alcohol. The last time I had a drink was almost 3yrs ago. I do cook with butter & EVOO but most things are baked or poached. Now I’m not trying to say I’m a healthy person by any means. But I do not eat what the stereotypical overweight person does. Instead of going for a bag of chips or candy bars I eat large salads, and I mean LARGE, or 5 oranges in one sitting. But I do occasionally have some chips or candy bar also
I don’t have episodes, I don’t know what caused the grease to come out and the pain has been everyday for at least the past 2 years.
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