Anal fissure not healing... options?
by PseudoName, Nov 09, 2007
My boyfriend and I (gay couple) have been together for over a year now. Since we've been having sex we've noticed that he always has a rip in his anus afterwards. We originally assumed that it was a recurring rip, since it would only cause him pain for about a day after each encounter, but recently it has occurred to me that this is likely a single ongoing fissure.

So with that realization, we've refrained from having sex for about five weeks now, and I've been putting Neosporin on the fissure daily. Still, it doesn't appear to be getting much better, if at all. The rip is on the top of his anus (opposite his perineum), not far from the surface, and it is about 1/4" long and almost as wide. It doesn't bleed or cause him discomfort, but it is clearly a fissure, and I'm afraid that it will only get worse if we don't get it to heal soon.

Also in the last five weeks, I've been encouraging him to eat more fiber and to soak or gently wash the area. I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps I should stop putting Neosporin on the fissure, so as to refrain from opening the wound? I would suggest that he visit a doctor but my understanding is that there's not much more a doctor could do except perform surgery on his rectal muscles, which is an idea I am not fond of.

Is it unusual that a fissure lasts this long with no apparent signs of healing? Is it unusual that a chronic fissure would not cause pain or bleeding? Is there anything else we can do to aid his recovery?
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by ggreg, Nov 09, 2007
All I know is, K-Y Jelly is soothing to hemorhoids, another assault on the tissues, and I assume you fellows know you need that stuff when you are intimate.  If your partner is constipated and that irritates it, too much fiber CAN make things worse if waste is still not passing quickly and regularly.  I have a relative who had colon cancer, and the one thing that keeps him regular is spagetti, of all things.  Blueberries on cheerios helps my digestion, also.  Since it sounds similar to tears women get when they give birth, you could go to a forum for them, on how to treat such tears.  These are just ideas, I don't know too much about this sort of thing.
by PseudoName, Nov 09, 2007
We've always used proper lubrication, yes. He's not constipated and has had no trouble with bowel movements, even in spite of the fissure. Really it doesn't bother him at all, strangely, but I'm sure it will only get worse if it's not fixed.
by surferoz82, Mar 14, 2011

I suffered from an anal fissure most likely caused by anal sex for over a year and a half. I'd seen my local doctor who had given me a number of creams to help cure the fissure but nothing seemed to help enough to stop the fissure reoccuring during anal sex.

Recently I was looking for alternative methods of curing a fissure online and found a cream made from wheatgrass sprouts. The marketing for the product says that it helps split lips, anal fissures and any other tear or abrasion of the skin.

After two weeks of using the cream my fissure appears to have healed sufficiently. I had anal sex and the usual pain or tear feeling didnt occur, there was no blood and my anus hasnt hurt and spasmed as it did in the past after sex.

I'd recommend any bottom who is feeling depressed about their inability tpo have sex to try the wheatgrass cream. And no I dont have any association with the manufacturer, just keen to help my fellow gay bottoms!