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Back Pain After Drinking
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Back Pain After Drinking


I used to be a normal young drinker untill about the age of 23. I was drinking about 40 units per week (20 pints over thurs, fri, sat). From 23 to now (25.5) I have increased to an average of 56 units per week (28 Pints) - roughly 4 pints a day (but more on weekends and less during the week  -  average 56 units - sometimes as high as 80 sometimes as low as 40 but mainly around the 56 mark and 56 average). This was because of a sucession of traumatic events. I have managed to cut this back to 40 units per week but I also smoke 20 roll ups per day and have a very stressfull job and lifestyle. I am otherwise quite fit and used to jog / excercise. I am slender build (5.9 ft tall / 9.5 stone).

My problem is this. I have always suffered from anxiety and stress/panic disorder but am head strong and consider myself strong and fit. But now, if I go out and have 5 pints to 8 pints over a long evening clubbing I wake up with very bad pain in the centre of my back - when I move suddenly or breath on my side my back makes a clicking sound - like muscle clicking. The pain can last for upto 2 days after the drinking session. This makes me panic and I have trouble breating as a result.

Is this just muscle pain / stress linked or is it something more serious like hodgkins? I dont get the pain during drinking - it is always the day after (like a dull ache). Could it be ischameia, hodgkins, heart related or just tight muscles or dehydration (kidney stone?). Bit worried and could do with some advice so I can rule out certain things. Could it just be panic as a result of thinking i am ill - just simple muscle issue?

Any advice would be helpfull - email: info.***@****

Oh, my brother was diagnosed with ankylining spondulosis - could this be it, genetic?
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I am definitely no expert, but I do know something about drinking and backs.  There is a chance you are indeed dehydrated, and that can cause joints to crackle and rub.  As you know, drinking dehydrates a person.  So, try drinking a lot of extra water before you go to bed at night, and of course when you get up in the morning.  And if you get nervous when your back creaks, do some deep breathing and count to ten, to get your heart rate under control.

I want to tell you something about the traumatic events you are dealing with and also your panicky feelings.  I, too, had a very traumatic incident in my early twenties.  Many years later, it built up inside, and now as an older person I have panic disorder.  Took a year of therapy and medication to get even halfway okay.  So, I want to tell you to try something I wish I had done at your age.  Visit a qualified psychotherapist, you need to identify these things that were traumatic to you and how they have manifested themselves into other ordinary day-to-day activities, emotions, and reactions.  The time to unravel all these problems is now, not later.  Once those tendriles spread all through your life, it is almost impossible to untangle them, which is where I'm at.

No one wants to "go there" to sad places.  So, we cover them up.  And it is normal to want to be a positive thinker at your age, to move forward at all costs.  But I'm telling you, while drinking once in a while is a very fine thing, you are doing it at a rate that covers up the trauma, even though you may not overtly realise this.  The therapist can arrange for you to take medication to soothe your nerves while you get to the bottom of your feelings as relates to your traumas, which means you have to shut off the spigot to the alcohol for the duration.  

But, the good thing is, once you get yourself straight, and you have to be willing to devote a number of months to this, you can go back to your regular lifestyle just like before.  But what will happen is, you won't be doing it to the same destructive extent as before.  You will experience a new-found freedom from all these traumas that are bothering you, and you will find more positive ways of releasing energy, you know, good clean fun, just fun for fun's sake only.  And you won't end up like me, feeling like something is chasing me down the street every day of my life.  Oh, I'm better, but I often think to myself, "If only I had done this," and that sort of thing.  So, I'm speaking to you from way up the road, where you have not yet been, and giving you a tip here, so you can become a productive and happy human being, and not let these traumas rule your life.

Sure, you could have all sorts of diseases and misery that are causing your symptoms, altho at your age it is doubtful, but anyway, since I noticed you have this mental component going on, I could not ignore what you have posted here.  It is my Christian duty to help people get back up when they stumble.  So, drink some extra water and visit a mental health professional.  Those would be my suggestions.
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Cure for mostly all kinds of Back Pain.

I am 36 and I have been suffering from back pain from past 4 years. I did see doctors and done lots of test but doctors could not diagnose the reason. So I have been spending a lot of time doing my own examination and experimentations.

I tried few solutions but one day I finally found the cure, well it seems to be working for me, for now atleast from past few months.

I didn't believe it myself too until I tried it. No I am not selling anything but trying to help millions of back pain sufferers like myself.
Try it and please spread it around if it works for you so everyone can benefit from this.

Symptoms: Early morning back pain or back pain generally in the night or next day when you drink alcohol.

Cause: You would all agree, in this computer age we have become "lazy". We are not meant to be couch potatoes. Still that's exactly what we do when we get home after sitting all day "on computer", we eat, sometime more then what we must. So our "spines get diffused" and dehyderated. Majority of us suffer from "ankylosing spondylitis" and or dehyderation.

Treatment: 1. Do Yoga. Yes, only 10-15 minutes of Yoga. It will help tremendously. Specifically do "CAT/COW Yoga.
2. Keep drinking water, specifically after coffee or any "caffeine" product.
3. Try vitamin D, we do not get much sunlight in western countries and bones tend to get weak.
4. Alcohol, as already mentioned will supress natural pain killers, so avoid it else you will get pain regardless of everything. However you can reduce the pain if you drink double the amount of water. Not possible and no one wants that :-)

Try for 1 week and notice the difference yourself. Some might start seeing result within the first 2-3 days!

Hope this will help to cure many of you.

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