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Bad Lipase Test?
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Bad Lipase Test?


Went to ER 10 days ago to err on caution for sensitivity / pain in a specific spot in area of lymph in left sternum area. All cardiac tests fine, however a very high lipase reading came back (high 600s), no amylase test.  Follow up tests 7 days later (this time with 12 hours fasting), came back Lipase 27, Amalyse 51 (sternum pain is gone).

Background: I'm a 43 year old male, normal / thin weight. Light drinker (1 beer, 3-4 times / week), non smoker.  Very good chol., triglyc/, etc.   Only medical issues are general back pain for several years (diagnosed as bulging L1-L2, herniated L4-L5), and what might have been a pancreatic type episode in 2004 (woke up with shortness of breath, some pain, went away after few minutes).  2004 CT scan in GI area were fine.  Subsequent ultrasound in July '08 seemed ok but also noted as not showing completely clear picture of pancreas.  Only medication is occasional ibuprofen for back, and 1 epidural injection for back a couple months ago.  Never any GI / stool type issues.

Given all this, I'm hoping you can provide some direction / reassurance, on:

1) Possibility of incorrect lipase reading by lab.  Or, having eaten a McDonalds lunch about 3 hours before the test would a reading in the 600s be expected and normal?

2) Although my primary physician is ok with situation, I will be pursuing whatever additional evaluation is needed.  Could you provide some direction of next steps - type of specialist, things to consider & ask?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this somewhat detailed question.
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thats easy,,,high levels of liypase or amylas= pancreatitis,,,you have pancreas problems.
i have a buddy with the same sh-t and he is all messed up.
hopefully it will mend itself,,,acute,,,but he developed chronic from drinking alot,and went from 200 lbs strong,to 135 lbs bones,,,,and you cannot simply have that removed,its like a liver,you need it.
the fatty mcdonalds food sets it off,and see,the pancreas excretes enzymes for digestion,and with pancreas probles,,,aka pancreatitis,it doesnt release them,it activates them still inside the orgen,and it starts to try to digest itself!!!!
very painfull,and elevated amalayes/lipayes levels.
docs should easly know thins,but its a guessing game,,just like you or i can do!
if they say they dont know whats going on,,,seriously let them know about this here..if they dont listen,go somewhere elce!...chronic pancratitis kills!!!


hope you feel better
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