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Bad Smelling Gas...
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Bad Smelling Gas...

well i've had this problem for awhile now,it seems to come and go,but this time it's gotten worse!
i seem to be having really fowl smelling gas,i dunno how to describe it,but it's very embarssing!
i don't go out alot with friends because i'm afraid my stomach is gonna be funny,and makes these werid sounds
that i can't control,and even smells because of it,and i sometimes don't relize it happens!
i try advoiding alot of socail events,and try not staying over anywhere because of my gas problem,and i find even at night when i sleep it just comes out and i can't help it!
my stomach makes werid noises,and sometimes has mussle spasams,and makes me want to poop..sorry for being
so decriptive,but i dunno what else to do!
i had a lacotse test done,and it came back fine..but i find whenever i do go for a test
my stomach and gas are no where to be found...but when i leave and go home it acts up again...
well i dunno if anyone can help me,but i thought why not try and get some help on this1
take care :)
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Avatar n tn
totally understand.  have you had a stomach emptying test done? Also do you brup or belch much?  I had Nissen surgery several yrs ago and could not do those things and had terrible smelly gas.  I was embarr. to sleep in the same room w my hubby!  I also found out that my stomach doesn't empty like it should. Therefore, the food actually sits there...sometimes 24 hrs or so. It finally causes nausea and (excuse this description) what comes up is rotten.  If your stomach empties slowly could the gas be due to the lacvk of digestion of food?  I'm just guessing here due to my own experiences.  But these are concerns that I have dealth with.  Be Blessed and I hope/pray for you to find some answers.  mamaj
Avatar f tn
thanks for replying...
no i havent had a stomach emptying test done...i don't burp alot,nothing outta the ordinary i guess!
i sometimes find what i eat goes thru me,and sometimes it don't and i can enjoy a meal!
it's werid,i know! these adnormal stomach's i get come and go,sometimes for months,and sometimes for weeks...i don't like doctors much,and i know it sounds childish comming from a 27 yr old,but i'm half afraid...i d have chroins in my family,and my mom is just recoving from bowel cancer...
makes me worried,but still it ambarassing for sure...i tend not to date alot because i'm half afraid of what might happen,and especially if i happen to pass gas by accident...
before it wouldn't smell so bad during these episodes i've been getting,but the past month or so when it happens it's really bad smelling,it's very embarring for sure!

again thanks for replying :)
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