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Battling stomach/bowel issues
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Battling stomach/bowel issues

Hey everyone, I have been having some stomach issues for quite some time now and I am getting frustrated.  Here is a quick break down of my history and issues.  I am a 24 year old male, active (gym, golf, basketball) with no real health issues up until 2-3 years ago.

2-3 years ago I was diagnosed with IBS without much testing or ruling out other issues.  It settled down, I was prescribed dicyclomean (spelling)  I have had this chalked up as stress because I have a lot to deal on my plate with my father having early onset Alzheimer.

Last year I went for a 'lump' feeling in my butt, I was told to increase fiber, vegetables, etc.  I have done that and have continued doing that.  I have lost a decent amount of weight from dieting and exercising.  I am down from 236 to 204.  During this time I am still getting gurgling in my stomach, inconstant bowel movements, etc.

Fast forward to this year I have been having more stomach issues, typical gurgling and cramping but nothing I can not deal with.  I have back pain but I am not sure if that is from working out or associated with the 'ibs.; Occasional I will get an ibs 'attack' and be knocked out for a day or so.  

Yesterday I went back to my doctor because I have still been having the same issues, I have not noticed any significant progression but more lingering effects.  Out of all of this the lump feeling in my butt is the worst, if I have loose stools I hurt, sometimes my stool gets stuck right while I am using the rest room and then I hurt.  I have used all of the over the counter meds for hemmorhoids and I have been given proctofoam and anusol.  I use a sitz bath 2-3 times a day, wipes and so on.  I am getting to the point where I dislike going far from home because I do not want to use public bathrooms because I feel I can not clean myself enough.

I was given a rectal exam yesterday, I was told my prostate seemed good and my rectum looked free of polyps or tumors.  He said I definitely had a few hemmorhoids but they did not seem that big.  He also said I could just be aware of my bowels because of all of my issues, I feel like this is not the case.  I was told to get blood tests, metabpolic panel, thyroid, sedimentation, something westgreen and celiacs, which I did today.  I was also told to get a GI appointment and get a colonoscopy.  I am scheduled for an appointment on May 13 with the GI to be evaluated and then go from there.

I am kind of nervous at this point, I can deal with the stomach pains because for the most part if I eat healthy I can keep it under control but that is not always the case.  Does anyone else have these issues or the feeling in their rectum?  I am confused because the doc says I had some hemorrhoids but he said they should not be cause that feeling.  I know there is something there because once in a while my stool becomes flattened, not too thin but it just tapers off at the end from a regular bowel movement unless they are watery.

Anyone with similiar issues or people that can share their experiences would be great.  I am really frustrated at this point and it is starting to alter my lifestyle and prevent me from doing things.  
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