Bowel Movement Getting Stuck
by JohnnyJuice, Jun 23, 2008
I have a problem that has been occurring more frequently recently.  It first happened a few years ago, but has now happened twice within 2 months.  When I have the urge to go and I sit on the toilet, nothing will come out.  If I stand up, it feels like I have to have a movement, but as soon as I sit down again, it won't come out.  My insides still feel like they are trying to have a movement and it hurts like hell, but it just won't come out.  It feels like it's stuck between my stomach and anus somewhere.  I was stuck on the toilet the other night for over an hour before I was finally able to go.  I had to stand up until the very last second, then kind of squat over the toilet.

When I finally do go, it feels like something was blocking the stool and it feels like my insides are coming out with it.  Again, when I sit on the toilet, my insides are still trying to pass the stool, but it just won't come out and it hurts like no other.  I'm in my early 30's and healthy.  I've tried upping my fiber intake and some stool softeners, but nothing has made a difference as of yet.  I can't go through that again.

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by boron, Jun 24, 2008
Squatting at toilet is a good temporary solution. It is obviously something wrong with the angle between rectum and anus from some reason (weak pelvic musles...). You need tests for this: 1st probably x-ray with barium enema (to check for a polyp, rectal prolapse or other obstacle there) and then, if necessary, colonoscopy,and then a defecation test.