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Celiac - likely or possible?
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Celiac - likely or possible?

I've had allergy & sinus problems all my life. But not foods. Sinus problems have been a major issue too, frequently long lasting (several months typically) sinus infections. I've very recently learned through an ENT & CT scan that I have a deviated septum & auxiliary ostia (extra hole to sinuses) on each side. Basically, the mucus recycles back into the sinus instead of draining properly. I've felt especially terrible the last 2 years. Severe brain fog, feeling mentally not sharp, and fatigued beyond belief. All can be symptoms of allergies, but this is new level of severity. I relocated to Great Lakes area from California 4 years ago, and allergies are much worse here. I had similar, but less severe symptoms as I have now, when I lived in Minnesota for 3 years prior to living in California.

Stomach issues have been present, intense and sharp pain was common before being diagnosed with acid reflux, pantoprazole has taken care of 99%+ of that. I have a lot of sluggishness and joint pain. I am overweight, 6', just over 300 lbs, I've actually gained 60-70 lbs over the past year through all of this. I struggle to sleep if stomach isn't full, the taste of sinus drainage just burns and makes me nautious.

I also recently learned I have a ttg score of 73. But some things don't add up. First of all, there's no family history of celiac, but there is family history of Crohn's, colitis, rheumatoid arthritis. My understanding is Crohn's & rheumatoid arthritis can also cause high ttg. I also have high ferritin - tested 3X in one year, between 800-1100 each time, which is inconsistent with anemic levels typically found with celiac. Bread has long been the best thing to calm my stomach when it's off, including the worst of the acid reflux time period.

The blood work was done two weeks into a 42-day prescription for bioxin to treat chronic sinusitis

How likely is this celiac? Should I be looking at other possibilities - particularly Crohn's or rheumatoid arthritis?
wow, my sympathies... some of your symptoms are familiar, our family has grappled with them for a long time. We live in northern MN,  a little west of Duluth, so we are exposed to a lot of the same things as you.  I'm not a dr but have found a number of things that helped us.
    First: if there's any way at all you can consult with Dr. David Choquette, ENT in Duluth MN, please do so. He's an excellent dr and surgeon.  He did tonsillectomy on me & my kids, surgery to correct a deviated septum/sinus blockage in one of the kids, and turbinate reduction in myself.  If you have sinus issues, he's the one to see.  One of our kids had several sinus infections a year until he did that surgery.
   Another thing that helps is to avoid dairy, especially pasteurised milk. Somehow, the pasteurisation process  alters the milk protein such that those of us with allergies, produce more mucus . I take an OTC antihistamine but still need to really restrict my milk intake during pollen season.
   Could it be celiac? yes; or it could be gluten sensitivity. Celiac disease is a disease, it is given that label when your small intestine has become very damaged. What GETS you to that stage, is being gluten sensitive.  Our immune systems can be stressed by stress (my adrenals are tired, in my case), by illness, a major move, etc; even a bout with a parasite can trigger an immune over-reaction or imbalance.  So, things that weren't a problem can now be a problem.
    I came down with a thyroid autoimmune issue, which now seems to be getting better.  But before I was diagnosed with it, I gained about 10 pounds one year, 20 pounds the next & more the next year! I was devastated; I had never before had difficulty with maintaining my weight.  So I wonder if your thyroid is stressed? have you had a blood test for thyroid antibodies?
    Celiac/gluten issues are still being refined so there are plenty of ways to get misdiagnosed.  I'm just learning about it myself, & find that the gluten-free diet helps,  so I plan to continue this; I don't feel a need for an official diagnosis from an MD.  However I do recommend the book "Wheat Belly" by Dr. William Davis - BTW he is practicing in  WI (Milwaukee, IIRC) so you might be able to see him yourself.
       I know when I eliminated wheat last summer, all of a sudden my arthritis was almost completely gone!  Eliminating gluten helps even more. That's me though - gluten can affect many people, but not everyone is affected the same way.
      I understand about bread settling a tummy with heartburn; but if you can get the allergies to calm down you may not have the heartburn.  You could try some gluten-free bread or crackers & see how you do.

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