Chronic Burning Stomach after Gallbladder removal
by LAK53, Mar 06, 2009
I had my gallbladder out 1028/08 and have had a burning sensation in my stomach and chest/back throat ever since. It moves around, sometimes only in stomach, etc. Had ERCP at same time as surgery for stone stuck in common duct. Dr. did ANOTHER ERCP last week - he was sure there was another partial blockage. There was nothing! Now burning pain is worse than ever - I've been on Prilosec, Prevacid, Zegerid, reglan, sucralfate, etc. either got no relief or got worse. Dr. said there was no evidence of GERD during last week's ERCP. I am in constant pain, though I'm able to sleep. Could there be a problem with bile flow? I don't have any lower bowel problems, just the burning and intermittent attacks of burping, upper chest trapped gas. I'm eating small amounts of low fat food, never overeat, I've tried digestive enzymes and natural supplements. Nothing helps and and since ERCP the burning is worse.
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by highcountry, Mar 23, 2009
I am in a very similar situation.  I had my gallbladder removed in September and have been suffering with stomach pain and nausea since.  I also have some upper right quadrant pain.  The Dr. is suggesting an ERCP, I am unsure if this is warranted.  Seems to me that the trouble must be in the stomach, why so much burning pain in the stomach if it is the ducts?  I am nervous about the complications of the ERCP, unsure of what to do.  Have had an upper G.I. endoscope procedure, returned as normal.  I'm also taking prilosec and levbid, an antisposmatic.
by LAK53, Mar 24, 2009
My GI specialist insisted there was blockage in the bile duct and that's why he did the second ERCP. Well, there was NO blockage and I'm back to square one feeling worse than I did before the this ERCP! Maybe your doctor feels there is a blockage - and if you haven't had an ERCP he may be right.  I guess a symptom of gallstones is burning in the pit of the stomach (and there could be a stone they overlooked in the bile duct). I think after gallbladder removal our bodies have to figure out how to digest food and there is an imbalance of bile and acid. At least that's what it seems like to me. Doctors have no good answers - they just want to invasive tests or prescribe medication that doesn't work! I'm trying to eat a natural healthy diet and taking natural supplements, but I'm finished taking Prilosec, Aciphex, etc. They didn't help at all.
by Lisamckeehaase, Jan 20, 2014
I am 38 years old. I have not had my gallbladder out and I have had a upper g.i. Normal an MRI that showed the dilation and a ultrasound normal bloodwork normal so now they want me to go to Indiana to tbe hospital there that deal directly to bile duct can someone please tell me if they have gone through this please!!! I'm getting very scared