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Colon problems?
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Colon problems?

I have been having problems with my colon/ digestive tract for the past eight years or so and the symptoms became worse up to a point where sex is painful.

Up to now I have realized the following signs and symptoms:

• Colon sensitive to touch and pressure
• Feels hard and inflamed
• Pain and “hardness” alternates from side to side (not the same everytime)
• No uncomfortable intestinal bloating that I can feel or see
• No excessive gas
• Never had cramps or spasms
• Constipation but manages it with fibre and aloe fibre bitters
• Am on anti-depressants and mood stabilizers to manage stress and anxiety (am Bi-Polar type 2 but coping very well)
• I drink lots of water and green tea, use extra fibre (pshyllium husks), no coffee and caffeine, no alcohol, no carbonated drinks, no gluten, no diary,
• Colon feels hard and sore irrespective of what I eat or drink or how many times I have a bowel movement (this can’t be right?)
• Painful deep intercourse (as if colon is pressing down on vagina and my rectum is swelled - this is really a big painful problem
• My cervix feels very popped-out and close to my vaginal opening, is all squashed to the left side pressing against my vaginal wall
• Dull pain on my left side (gynae says it’s my colon pressing on my left ovary)

Is this classic IBS symptoms or could this be something else such as Chron’s Disease, IBD or maybe even Diverticulitus?

Generally the symptoms are relatively bearable, but my fiancé and I are really having a difficult time in the bedroom and sex is a complete nightmare for me.
My gynae has performed a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and uterine scraping… it’s not fibroids, endometriosis or any kind of uterine inflammation or vaginal infection or any other problem such as vaginismus. She said it’s was my colon that was swelling so much that was causing the dyspareunia.

Anyone ever experienced the same symptoms before? Please help!
Hi there!

Well, without a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include GI/ GU infections, inflammations, GI/ GU related growths/ masses, dietary causes, hormonal/ endocrine imbalance, medication side effects, micronutrient deficiencies, medication side effects, GI/ GU growths/ masses etc. I would suggest considering a detailed evaluation by an internist initially and depending on the cause diagnosed/ suspected, it can be managed accordingly or specialist care may be sought.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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