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Colonoscopy - is it sore?
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Colonoscopy - is it sore?

I've to go into hospital for a colonoscopy due to passing blood (both fresh and black).

Will it leave me with a pain in the ....?

I've to take some medication (laxative?) a day before, they've sent out an enema kit but I'm not sure the name of the drug they send to check it's side effects.

I'm intending travelling the day after the endoscopy though not sure if I'll be able to sit 10 hours on a train, Should I expect to have side effcts from the procedure or the meds.
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Avatar m tn

My recollections of my colonoscopies were as follows:-

- purgative on the day/day before
- arrive at the hospital ~ 3 hours before the procedure
- IV sedation just before the procedure - you don't remember anything and are effectively "asleep"
- the procedure lasts 20-30 minutes
- wake up shortly afterwards
- rest in hospital for ~2-3 hours
- then go home - but don't drive - get someone to drive you home
- rest/early night etc
- back to normal the next day
- apart from the IV needle being placed in the arm, the whole episode was painless before/during/after.

Good luck
Avatar n tn
Both my husband and I had colonoscopies - me at age 44, him at age 47.  

Both of us were completely fine the day after, with no side effects.

As for the procedure...His was completely painless. Mine was very painful.  The doctor told me that it is often painful for younger people and that if I had it again around age 50 it shouldn't hurt.

Avatar m tn
Great, thanks for the advice.
Avatar f tn
I had my first colonoscopy September of 2007-and the hardest part was the prep before hand.  

I had to drink half the drink and take 4 duloclax.  It took forever for the "cleaning process," to begin.  And then after I threw away the last of the gross drink-I projectile vomited 5 times.  Not the area that needed "cleaning."  So I was a basket case the rest of the night thinking-that they were going to send me home because I didn't get "cleaned out," enough.  

I remember going in to the room...being told to lay on my left side-a nurse saying they were going to give me something to relax-and then going into bliss.

I woke up and my mother told me I said a lot of crazy things to her.

But I slept that off...and felt fine...I am pretty sure I went to work the next day.

Good Luck!
Avatar m tn
Now that *was* painful ... no sedation.

The nurse went through a questionnaire after

"How unfomfortable was that ?
A, Not,
B: Slightly,
C: Moderatly,
D: Very

She didn't notice me gripping onto the bed and shouting Aiya *****, aiya, aiya ***, gimme the *** drugs.

Do I look like i've got Tourrettes?
3 bands done. Back in 8 weeks.
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