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Colonoscopy gone Bad
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Colonoscopy gone Bad

On December 4, 2009 at 7:30 am, I was prepped for a routine colonoscopy. During the procedure I woke up with a great deal of pain; I was screaming and crying for the doctor to stop. He gave me more drugs to put me under but I woke up again.

Once the procedure ended, I was still in a great deal of pain which was in my upper left shoulder and neck down to my lower left stomach area. My husband was brought into the room, He told the doctor that I was a very strong person and if I was showing that much pain it must be very bad.

I was given 25 milligrams of Demerol through my IV although the doctor was hesitant because of all the medication I was given during the procedure.

The doctor explained that he was able to remove two large polyps and put medical bands on those areas, he was concerned that he may have perforated my colon. They were to rush me to x-rays in another building for a body scan; if my colon was perforated I would have to have immediate surgery. I was given another 25 milligrams of Demerol.

The medication had taken affect and I was resting more comfortably. The test results showed no perforation of my colon. The doctor explained to my husband that he did the internal work on my right side abdomen area so the area was giving me so much pain must be filled with air. I was placed in a recovery room with an attending nurse. I slept for a time but was still in a lot of pain. The nurse told me that “my experience was very unique, something like this only happens to a fraction of people”.

Around 3:00 I was taken to my car by wheel chair and released. The doctor had told us it would take about 24 hours for the air to leave my stomach. The ride home was very difficult, because of the pain in my left side; it was hard to take anything but shallow breaths.

My husband had to take a week off from his job to care for me.

Either the doctor or his assistant would call and check on me two - three times a day.

By December 6, 2009, I had not shown any improvement. It was painful to move or take deep breaths. I needed help from my husband to use the bathroom. I was so nauseated I could not eat. I was then prescribed pain and nausea medication.

After still showing no improvement by December 7, 2009, the doctor scheduled a dye injected body scan and a blood test. The tests showed that there was a collection of fluid around my spleen (probably blood) it could be a tear or it could be a lesion which was 9 – 10 centimeters in length. My white blood cells count was around 12,000 (normal level being 5,000 – 10,000) He said it obviously happened during the colonoscopy, he apologized.

I wasn’t better the next day so another blood test was ordered. The white blood count was still around 12,000 so an antibiotic was prescribed (Levaquin 500MG) and more pain medication (Hydrocod/APAP 5/500).

When the doctor’s assistant called to check on me December 14, 2009, my husband told her I was beginning to feel better.

On December 18, I received a final call from my doctor. I asked him if I should have a follow-up scan and blood test to insure I was ok, he said it wasn't necessary because my body would heal on it's own. I am not comfortable with this answer.

I have a mutual friend who is an RN, she said I should of been hospitalized as soon as they found the damage to my spleen. She also feels that I could still develop an infection or more collection of blood around the spleen.

Advise PLEASE! Also, do I have a malpractice case?
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Dr AJ Bidani ruptured my spleen during a routine colonoscopy, when I woke, I was in a great deal of left shoulder pain, but the staff told me to pass the gas and tried to get me up to get dressed. I was dizzy, but they dressed me anyway and then I passed out. When I came to, I was receiving fluid, ice pack on my abdomen and the doctor said "maybe I bumped her spleen". I did not stablize and  was rushed to the ER, in shock, bleeding internally, received 2 units of blood and my spleen had to be removed. This complication is exceedlingly rare and happens because excessive force is applied to the colonic-splenic ligament during the scoping of the transverse colon. It is not even listed in the informed consent document he had me sign. I am left now without a spleen, a compromised immune system and paying the medical bills he caused. So far the case has been turned down by 7 firms. One atty told me MedMal in FL is next to impossible. I filed a complaint with the FL Medical Quality Assurance and also an appeal to my insurance company. He seems untouchable in this - it was his surgical error, yet no one is holding him accountable.  I went in there with a spleen, he ruptured it to the point it had to be removed, isn't there a reasonable man theory here? Or is it reasonable to assume you may end up like me when you have a colonoscopy. By the way, this was my second colonoscopy - the first was done by another Doc without incident.
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