Constipation, Mucus, Blood...No pain
by Deejovi, Jan 17, 2012
Hi, I'm a 41 year female, who up until recently, has always been healthy.  I have been dealing with a problem for going on it's second year now.  Saw a gastro doctor as I was having constipation, mucus in the stool and blood in the stool and was becoming quite concerned.  He started me out on medication for colitis, altogether tried 3 different ones which all made no difference, while I waited for the date of my colonoscopy to arrive.  The day arrived, results were, in the doctors words "you have a picture perfect colon."  Proceeded to have an ultrasound and an upper endoscopy which also came back perfect.  I had been taking fiber supplements and eating Activia yogurt to help with the constipation, both of which only gave me short term relief.  The Dr. I was seeing said to stop taking the extra fiber b/c sometimes too much fiber will make the problem of eliminating worse.  Problem after not taking the fiber supplements anymore, I ended up with diarrhea!  At this point, I was ready to go get a second opinion; however, I lost my job and my health insurance and wasn't able to go.  

Fast forward 6 months later to today and I am now having watery clear mucus just come out of my rectum when I sit on the toilet to even just urinate.  I have no control, can't stop it at all and a lot of times, I even have the urgent feeling I have to have a bowel movement but when I go, it's just mucus.  If some stool comes out, it will "explode" out of me and that's when I have the blood.  I'm thinking the blood is from an internal hemorroid because the blood usually appears whenever there is an actual movement and if I have to strain a little to have one.  But there is CONSTANTLY mucus present.  With all of this, there is NO pain whatsoever, no lower abdominal cramps like described with symptoms of IBS, just some bloating and fullness feeling but I would think that is related to the constipation issue.  The constipation is still an issue but I am now taking a different fiber supplement and I do get some relief.  I will admit I am a horrible eater, don't eat many veggies, and pretty much no fruit at all.  All I drink is water, all day long, and I hate water but I force myself to drink it.  Not a big coffee, soda or alcohol drinker at all either.  This mucus is out of control, sometimes I can actually feeling rumbling in my colon or rectum.  This is starting to have a very negative effect on my life.  I hope someone reads this and could possibly give me some insight.  

Thank you.
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by patient915Blank, Jan 17, 2012
Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  Did the doctor ever figure out where the blood in your stool was coming from?  Do you still have blood in your stool?
by Deejovi, Jan 18, 2012
No other tests were done except the colonoscopy, ultrasound and upper endoscopy.  (All my blood work that was taken came back normal also.) I suppose because when the colonoscopy was done, there was no evidence of anything...he said there was no inflammation, no polyps, no hemorroids, nothing.  He literally said it was picture perfect.  It's so confusing.  I still get blood, yes, I can sometime see pieces of what I think is stool or could be mucus floating in the toilet.  And of course, obviously it's there on the paper.  Sometimes, it seems like a lot, other times, it's just a little bit.  It's always bright red (like it is when you have your period).

I forgot to mention earlier that I also can't just pass gas anymore...very rare that I can and nothing comes out with it.  Like I said, there is a lot of mucus coming out of me.  When I have to pass gas now, I have to make sure I'm on the toilet because more often than not, a bunch of mucus comes out with it.  It's disgusting, sorry. I just want this to stop.  Not only am I depressed from losing my job and being unemployed, but this problem added to it is making it worse.  Hope you have some ideas Patient915, thanks for questions...
by patient915Blank, Jan 20, 2012
If the blood is bright red it means it is coming from lower in your GI tract.  Has your doctor looked for hemmorhoids or fissures on you?

If you are still having problems with constipation, this could be causing some of your symptoms.  I would recommend trying to increase your fiber intake, your intake of fruits and vegetables, your intake of water, and try and get more exercise.
by FluffyBB, Dec 12, 2012
I came across this page as I was searching regarding my own symptoms and just had to comment on some of the things you have said.  You are asking for help, saying you are depressed and saying you just want this to stop - but then elsewhere you say you have a terrible diet, don't eat many veggies and no fruit at all. If you wanted it all to be better so badly surely putting the effort in to eat a better diet would be the first step rather than taking supplements or trying to find some kind of cure that doesn't involve any changes in diet in your part. It is a while since you put the post up - I hope since then you've taken some responsibility for your own body and things have improved, if you have well done, if you haven't then you should.
by Sungal, Mar 08, 2013
Any update on how you are doing?  It has been a while since you posted, so I am curious as to if you have found any answers/remedies to your situation.  Hopefully, insensitive, condemning  comments from from the likes of FluffyBB haven't broken your resolve to find relief.  I'm experiencing some of   the same symptoms you had indicated, so I feel your pain (literally).  Any updates greatly appreciated.  I hope things are going better for you, after that rough patch.