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Diarrhea Everytime I Eat
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Diarrhea Everytime I Eat

About 8 years ago I had a family physician tell me I had IBS.  Last year, a different family physician told me I had GERD.  I have severe heartburn if I eat after lunch, and I have diarrhea everytime I eat.  I am going to see a gastrologist as soon as I can get in, but I am really getting concerned with the diarrhea.  I can't go anywhere to eat without dashing to the bathroom 30-40 minutes after I have eaten.  I have terrible stomach cramps during this time as well.  What is causing this?
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Could be colitus - this can be serious - need to get some tests done see your GP and Gasteroenterologist asap
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For info - it is natural to use the bathroom 30-40 mins after eating since the body naturally causes muscles to contract after eating.

The diarrhea is not natural - I was once advised to use the BRAT diet - Bread, Rice, Apples and Tea (I think). Rice slows things down - basmati rice is best, I use cooked fruit only for breakfast ie stewed apples and yoghurt. Look at your diet.
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Hi Carol-
Try to read my post dated 10/15/07 titled Every Test is Negative - Afraid to Eat!!
Sounds like you go thru what my mom has been going thru for a few years and is
just now figuring out what her IBS triggers are.
Sugar makes her REALLY sick and then she basically cut out EVERYTHING -
and was only eating granola and pretzels and was still having what we called
"Episodes".  Then we started thinking that we KNOW sugar does it, but what
if carbs do it too since they turn to sugar....she has cut out carbs and it is
now day 7 without anything happening, so we have our fingers crossed.
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I tried The Specific Carbohydrate diet - book by - Elaine Gottschall
but lost incredible amounts of weight in just a short period so be careful when cutting out carbs.

Excellent book - agree with comments regarding sugar - basically there are three kinds Mono Saccs, Di and Poly. Mono are the best - found in honey as they are very easily digested in the upper part of the intestine. I also use Lactose free milk - just another thought.

Heres a diet I follow sometimes .....

Meats to Include

fish.( be careful because fish is contaminated with mercury and other pollutants)
No processed meats like lunch meat, spam, etc.

Low Carb Vegetables to Include
green beans
any green leafy vegetable is low in carbohydrates
green peppers
avocados (are excellent because they are also very good for stabilizing blood sugar)

High Carb Foods to Avoid or Eat Sparingly
sweet potatoes
winter squash


For most people, grains should be avoided or eaten in very small amounts as they are highly allergenic and high in carbohydrates. Some people do fairly well with grains, while others can't eat any at all.


Alternate Grains


Yogurt is good because it contains healthy bacteria.

Cheese or cottage cheese may be eaten once in a while.


Beans are a good source of protein, however they are also high in carbohydrates, so should be eliminated or reduced for most people. Some people do okay on them while others can't eat them at all.

split pea


Some people can include nuts, while other's can't. Nuts are very good for you, so if you can include them in your diet, you should.

Nuts are moldy. Some of them are also high carbohydrate.

Cashews are high in carbohydrates.

Macadamia, Almond, Walnut, Peanut, Hazelnut are lower in carbohydrates.


Most people need to cut down on fruit intake drastically. This is because fruit is high in natural sugar. Some fruits are higher in sugar than others.

Some people can eat fruit freely and other people can't eat it at all. On the other hand, some people can only eat fruit that is lower in sugar.

Fruit High in Sugar
Oranges (very moldy as well)

Fruit Medium level of sugar
Melons (also very moldy)

Fruit Low in sugar

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I agree, I am sure you could lose lots of weight (I should try it!)
But my mom had basically resorted to eating hardly anything, so she was stick thin
just from that, so we are hoping that she may just gain a little since she is actually eating now.
So far, so good...we are just holding our breath....she was just drained from this
emotionally and physically, plus she is a school counselor and it was very hard on
her the days she had episodes.
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Just reading a book today - Healing Inflam'y Bowel Disease
Apparently this book claims you can heal yourself through raw food ....
I am going to try it as I have nothing to lose ...
Hope all goes well with your mom.

There are some suggestions on low sugar fruits etc - I did in fact not learn this until recently.
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PS book is by Paul Nison - I cannot recommend it at the moment as I have not tried it myself but I will let you know if I am cured - as the book professes.

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I've been sick for 3 years now. Severe stomach pains followed by Diarrhea hot flashes and shaking, like my body just went into shock. I go a week, maybe even longer I never really kept track without a bowl movement. I can get sick once a week or everyday for a month. Maybe I have IBS? I've tried to change my diet, cut certain foods out but nothing helps. Sugar seems to make me sick most of the time but not always. For awhile I thought it was dairy. But in the end it just seems like anything and everything can make me sick. Coffee usually makes me feel like I'm gonna throw up, and can make the severe stomach pains come along. I get sick very suddenly, like I feel perfectly fine and energized, then I'm in severe pain and lathargic.
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Have you been tested for food allergies - there are comprehesive tests that test over 200 food types. Also you have to be very very strict about diet - and you need to read all the ingredients. I have given up buying anything packed I now have raw organic fruit and vegatables since you know what you are eating. I have Almond milk. This has really helped me.
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You may also want to try and remove all grains - gluten free diet.
A good book to read is Dangerous Grains by James Braley MD
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Fit Male -34

I too have "episodes" - typically after eating.  It appears to be random, but frequent enough to make me nervous to eat out, especially if I know that I will be confined to a vehicle on the way home.  It really makes life and socializing near impossible.  

I am fit, work out 4-5 times per week, and ran my first  marathon two years ago.  During the marathon training, I was more constipated because my body was holding on to everything for energy, but a year after, the episodes got much worse.  In general, when I was younger and pre-marathon, I was okay 90% of the time, but now, it is a 50/50 proposition.  I have tried cutting everything that could be suspect out of my diet, and I thought I had it narrowed down to Wheat/gluten. But no, that did not solve it.  I started thinking that the extremes I went through with my running has really thrown off my system for the worse.

I have started taking yogurt 'shots', in thinking that the acidophilus will help balance my system again, and they seem to have helped a bit.  I am contiplating a cleanse to try and wash out anything , but am worried that it will worsen whatever balance there is.  Any input ?
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Everyone should do a colon cleanse.  check out to see why.  I did the cleanse and it has changed my life.  I had the same symptoms you did and am now symptom free.  I couldn't even eat two bites without feeling full, so I knew it wasn't anything I ate.  You can also get a good clease at GNC called Ultimate Cleanse and take Fibercon tablets nightly for regularity.  Best thing I ever did for myself!  Good luck!
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Please help, I have no idea what ida wrong with me.  Today I ate 2 chicken legs (fried) & within 15-20 minutes the pain & diarrhea started. I can't eat anything, the pain/burning in my stomach is becoming too munch.  please help/feedback
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It is bananas, rice,applesauce and toast - I was just put on it from my doctor
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It is bananas, rice,applesauce and toast - I was just put on it from my doctor
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The correct BRAT diet is Banana, Rice, Applesauce and Toast.
Hope this helps.
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