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Elevated Liver Enzymes
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Elevated Liver Enzymes

I am a 23 year old male.  I am 6'0" and 180lbs. and very active.  I am a Senior Airman in the Air Force.  During my last physical back in January I had a liver function test done and the results came back with elevated enzymes.  The military sent me a letter with the results telling me to see my personal physician.  I plan on doing that right away, but I'd like to know what some possible diagnosises might be.  I drink only occasionally and do not use drugs.  My results came back as follows:  
Total pro.- 7.6
Albumin- 4.9
Globulin- 2.7
Alb/glob- 1.8
Total bil.- 0.7
ALP- 145
AST- 32
ALT- 70
GGTP- 30
LDH- 136
The albumin, albumin/globulin, alp, and alt are all elevated.  What are the possible reasons for this?  Also, I have a severe case of IBS and I was wondering if this could either be caused by these results or have any factor in them.  Thank you.
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Ok, without knowing about other symptoms, sounds like an Acute Viral Infection. Possibly HepB. Have you eaten any raw seafood lately? Possibly being with someone that has HepB? Do you feel like you have the flu and have nausea?
AST is just below upper limit 10-41 u/l
ALT just over   15-65
Albumin just below upper limit  3.4-5.0
Alk Phos   your 145 IU/L  upper limit 136
LDH good      100-200u/l
Total bilirubin good   0.2-1.2mg/dl
A/G Ratio (albumin/globulin)  scale is 0.8-2.0
IBS  goes along with liver functions.
None of these are that high really. You should be scheduled for repeat Liver function tests in a month. Unless you get worse. These scales vary from lab to lab, but the one I gave you are from the VA Medical Center in West Palm Beach, FL.
Let me know if further need.
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I am concerned about possible gallbladder/liver cancer/disease. I am a male, 62 years of age, reasonably good health, 6 ft., 168 pounds, history of good diet. GERD. Slight continuous discomfort right side (kidney area). A few days ago I had a physical examination. All blood & urine within normal limits. However, as part of this exam I had Abdominal Ultrasound.  The results:

History: Moderate right upper quadrant and right flank pain.  Moderate acid indigestion (GERD).  

A 4 mm echogenic focus along the gallbladder wall did not move and did not cause shadowing. This has the appearance of a polyp. The gallbladder was is at the upper limits of normal at 3 mm in thickness. No stones were seen. The common duct is 3 mm in diameter. Liver, spleen, aorta and vena cava look normal. The pancreas was partially obscured by bowel gas. A 5-6 mm echogenic focus in the lower pole of the right kidney causes shadowing and probably represents a calculus.

1. Small gallbladder polyp. No stones are seen.
2. The gallbladder wall is at the upper limits of normal in thickness.
3. Probable right renal stone.

Based on the above should I have concern for possible cancer. I'll be grateful for any suggestions you might have as to actions to take and, if you feel time is of the essence. Thanks.
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I believe that Liver cancer can be ruled out. Ultrasound would/should have detected. What Liver function tests have you had?
Alpha Fetoprotein serum test should would show very high levels if Liver cancer. But there are other causes of High AFP.
Not sure what your good diet is. What was good may not be good now. But 62 is not old and your BMI is excellent. Is GERD a nightly problem?  Sliding Hiatal Hernia could be cause GERD, but not necessarily nightly. I'm assuming that you don't eat just before bed, or ingest spicy foods before bed.
The thickness of the gallbladder wall could very well be from the person giving you the exam. Did your Dr. say anything about your polyp?
Rt. Kidney pain could be the renal or Kidney stone radiating to the back.
It sounds li your reading off your Dr's notes. I am not a Dr. and would tell you that if you have concerns about what he says, have a second opinion from a Gastroentologist.
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IBS has nothing to do with liver function, what-so-ever. IBS is a diagnosis of exclusion so when all the the results from various tests come back everything is normal.

When people have symptoms resembling IBS and then have liver function tested, if the enzyme levels are skewed and the person is found to be experiencing diarrhea, diarrhea/constipation or constipation (and URQ pain/discomfort), the 'diagnosis' can change from IBS to gallbladder (or other) dysfunction. The alternation in bowel function is then attributed to fluctuating output of bile and gallbladder dysfunction - the IBS wasn't IBS at all, but a gallbladder issue.

Most of your results are only very mildly elevated and could result from any number of possible small causes. You may want to consider having them re-done in a few months time to follow-up and see if the levels should then be investigated, or if they have returned to normal levels. What did your doc say when there results came back?

Many people can have mildly elevated levels due to mild illness or taking prescription or OTC meds.
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