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Elevated lipase, dark urine, gallbladder, pancreas?
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Elevated lipase, dark urine, gallbladder, pancreas?

I am a 23 year old male and was in great shape before all of this happened.  I have been experiencing a variety of symptoms and need some advice.  In August, I experienced a pounding heart and chest pain.  After several ER visits, I had multiple EKGs conducted, a chest CT scan, stress-echocardiogram, all with normal results.  I saw a pulmonologist, too, with many tests, all with normal results.  The doctor said my tonsils were enlarged, so I had them removed.  The chest pain and palpitations disappeared.  In October, I developed abdominal pain, and had an endoscopy done, abdominal ultra sound, and ct scan, all with normal results.  Also, in October, my thyroid was slightly off (I don’t have hashimoto’s), so I started a small dose of synthroid.  I had an adrenal sufficiency test done which came back normal.  In November I had a HIDA scan test done, which didn’t produce much pain during the test, but made me dizzy afterward, and about an hour after the test I ate a meal and was in excruciating pain; my ejection fraction was 24%.  Before this test I had a blood sample taken for my liver and pancreatic enzymes and my lipase was elevated to 325 (not sure of the units, but 285 is normal).  I had a urine test in October and found out today that my urine had some white blood cells in it.  Over the past 2-3 weeks I have developed severe pain under my right ribs and under my left and right shoulder blades as well as dark yellow foamy urine (I drink over a gallon of water a day, so it shouldn’t be dehydration).  My other debilitating symptom is that I feel shaky, jumping, and easily startled.  My symptoms are preventing me from everyday activities.

I saw a surgeon today, and he said that based on my symptoms, he thinks there is less than a 50/50 chance that surgery will fix my problems.  At this point, I am desperate, and am most likely going to try surgery, but I’d like to make sure I’ve exhausted all other options first.  What else should I check for that could be causing my symptoms?  

Additional symptoms and details:
Pain worsened by some movements (walking, laughing) and taking deep breath
Gurgling stomach noises
Brain fog/difficulty concentrating
head aches
feeling full
foul smelling urine and stool
ringing in right ear
Red eyes
wanting to pass out after eating
Tense diaphragm muscles and breathing
stomach palpitations
caffeine gives bad chest pain
bitter taste in mouth
blood pressure in august going high and low

I have a second cousin (22 male) who had very similar symptoms (pounding heart, tremors, chest pain).  His only abnormal test was a hida scan and surgery relieved all of his symptoms.

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For the benefit of others who need help, I'll update.  I am one week post op.  I had a lot of pain from surgery and stopped pain meds after two days because they made me feel sick and messed with my breathing and blood pressure.  Anyway, I am able to eat more often without feeling so full and I am able to go to the bathroom more often.  I would say the surgery was a success and was worth doing.  

However, not all of my symptoms are fixed, although they may with time.  I still have ringing in my ears and occasional palpitations felt throughout my stomach, chest, and head.  Sometimes my blood pressure is out of whack (High systolic, Low diastolic)  I may decide to see a general practitioner again and see what should be done about the ringing in my ears and blood pressure (although sometimes my bp is perfect); I'm suspicious it may be blood pressure related, but there are so many causes for tinnitus that it could be anything.  On another note, these problems may be related to my spine being out of alignment from lifting.  I sometimes have back pain along my spine between my shoulder blades (I am pretty sure its my spine because the degree of stiffness/pain changes as I twist).
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