Excessive Anal Moisture
by Zicki, Jun 15, 2008
I have the exact same problem as the previous poster that sam2004 posted.  I'm 36 years old and have recently (within the last year) have had a problem with excessive moisture around the anus.  Like sam, it only occurs when I feel the urge to have a bowel movement.  The moisture does not stain, and does not smell like 'feces' though it does smell very 'musky'.  I also suspect it is sweat.  Recently the problem has become so bad that wetspots soak through my underwear and my pants, leaving embarassing dark spots right on my backside by the time I even feel the urge to go the restroom.  So I end up going to the restroom several times in the morning the instant I feel any urge that suggests I 'could' go to try to head off the embarassing moisture before my co-workers see it.  And to give my pants the chance to dry out.

I recently (within the last year) had a colonoscopy (my mother died from colon cancer so I'm starting those early) and I explained the problem to the doctor and his response was "you'll just have to live with it".  A very insenstive answer in my opinion and considering that it's gotten worse to the point that I'm getting embarassed by it at work, something needs to be done.   Considering Sam2004's problem, it may be somewhat related to IBS, and like sam, when I was in my 20's, had extreme abdominal pain when a bowel movement was imminent, though that happens very very infrequently to me now (once every 2 months maybe).

This problem is very frustrating and depressing frankly.  It did help a great deal to see someone else has had the same problem though, for a long time I couldn't find anything on this anywhere.

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by soggy_bottom, Aug 13, 2008
i have this too.  and it is also getting worse for me.  i used to have very irregular bowel movements, but not so much pain beforehand, as just some occasional cramping.  but i did experience upset stomachs frequently and  i had some reflux.  thats all gotten better in the past few years (stopped smoking, better diet) but this "sweating" is starting to get out of hand.
by 12thstreethag, Jan 03, 2009
This is exactly what I've been experiencing. A year ago I was complaining to my gynecologist about dryness. Last night I changed underwear in the middle of the night and this morning they are thoroughly wet.
I would love to hear if someone found a diagnosis and treatment.
Going to gyno next month, but the symptoms are becoming more acute every day.
by Fuzzz, Jan 03, 2009
Are you sure it's not mucus?  If you tend to be constipated, I'd recommend MiraLax, which you can buy OTC now.  I think when I've passed lots of mucus it's been related to inflammation, but I get this so infrequently now that I'm foggy on the details.  My constipation comes because my colon is too twisted.  

Start the MiraLax when you will be home.  If you are very constipated, you can also use a glycerin suppository to get things started.  

If you are not constipated, then I would think this was caused by a food allergy of some sort.  
by wetstuff, Apr 13, 2009
I am 28 and I have been struggling with this for 3 years now. It's pretty horrible. There is some after shower body powder you can throw up around there but it ***** having to take that bottle everywhere you go. It does help temporarily though.
by chela1961, Apr 20, 2009
This liquid like mucus that come out of your anus is very nasty. But i have it to my doc check my pancrea to see if it was enlarge. He also said that mucus is fatty discharge.  Im still working on finding out were an why it also has a odor some time its alot. I hav eto wear a pad like depend for It will stain my underware and like someone said It will go thru your cloth. Its very embaracing when you go out. I get those urges to go all the time. And I do go alot to the bathroom more than normal. I have to make sure that were ever I go there is a bathroom close by.
by Onswoll, Sep 12, 2009
31 years old I also have a sweaty anus for about a year now.  It appeared right after I was diagnosed with Hemroids.  I get a terrible jock itch as a result of the sweaty anus.  Just when I fight the fungus off with creams and powder, it comes back as i cannot beat this sweaty anus.  I often wonder if the anal sweat glands are triggered by the irritated hemmroid.
by cowboy344, Sep 30, 2009
well its good to know at least I am not alone in this problem..I have had it for over ten is worst at night in bed, can feel an amlost dripping feeling of sweat droplets, started wearing jocks to bed to soak it up, must be pretty acidic as has burned afew holes in afew jocks..studied it once in the mirror and noticed milk colored droplets sweating out of the pours around the anus, almost like little mites are running around, and my jocks in the mornings have a white stain.I have treated for mites, worms, parasites, tried a millions doctors and creams and everything else under the use..had two colonoscopy things, nothing much there to worry about, one doc said it was IBS, and blamed my diet of loads of tea with went away once and now I think back it was when I gave up drinking tea and milk..I also remeber once in my younger days of weightlifting I drunk milk by the gallon to put on weight, and my arse really went I am now focusing on milk as an allergey, perhaps it is trush, but I think that occurs due to the sweating.I went for a sex disease check up, and asked the doc there and he took one quick look and said yeast infection..I find my body is extremely hot, more so from the waste down, my mattrass gets real hot which doesnt help the night sweats..whatever it is it is coming from the inside, try a change of diet, go for water and meat only for a week and see what happenings..
by rhoads69, Nov 06, 2009
I am glad to see that there are more people experiencing the same sweat issues whenever the urge to have a bowel movement occurs.  Although, I am still discouraged that everyone is getting the same response from their doctors that they should just "live with it".  To that answer I say that I hope it happens to them, because this is not something that is easy to live with.  In my case, probably because of the frequent urges to use the bathroom, it happens several times throughout the day.  It has seemed to get worse, I even now experience lower back pain, and other associated issues with the frequent urge to use the bathroom that only make the sweat issue worse.  I find it hard to believe that this is not something that can be treated since so many people are experiencing it.  Just my thoughts and complaints.