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Hi friends,
        Even though person were viewing this question were not friend of my mine but we are dealing the same problem
So I just called you as friends, we have our community has no name and we were suffering from almost unknown disease and almost no cure and all the products in the market for flatulence doesn't work out. i feel sorry for boring you. I will come to the problem which we have mostly suffering from

The main culprit is incomplete defecation or colon fullness and some psychological problem mainly agoraphobia
I am not a doctor but I am posting this from my experience and still I didn't found 100% cure but up-to 50%.

Here is the detail of what actually I am dealing with

After I woke up, I will rush to the bathroom for defecation but I cant complete 100% bowel movement only 25% completes
Then after every 15 to 30 minutes once I will rush to the bathroom
Mostly I will rush to the bathroom almost 3 to 4 times before breakfast
And after taking breakfast surely I will have one in 5 minutes
And I used to travel in car to my office with my coworkers at that time I used to control my bowel not to pass the gas
But I can’t. Whenever I am free of thought I think I won’t fart. so think it is mind related thing as I am telling my brain not to fart and so I used to contract my anus that not to let the air out but what happen is that I could feel the gas get produced or gathered and comes out silently (even-though I am applying pressure in the abdomen not to let the gas) and the gas comes out without my knowledge at that time I feel my anus is warm and wet. And after doing this unsuccessful processing I used to get sweat and very tired as well.

So I fart more when I sit
I feel normal only when I am taking bath
I have unconscious bowel gas movement which happens whenever I ever I am walking or under stress not let the gas out at that time I feel my anus is warm and wet and at that time I can’t smell the gas but the people around me used to scratch their nose and face some body used to hold their nose and used to talk with me by holding their breath. But I could smell the very slight foul gas while traveling in car with a special condition especially at bend of the roadways at that time air gets circulated well in the car. And the driver who is just in front of the ac can’t feel it I think or he can’t scratch his nose while driving I think.

I release foul smelling gas whether I eat or starve.
My breath also smells bad.

tests done /results
Blood test                            :  no problem found
Ultra scan(routine abdomen)   : no problem found
Colonoscopy                        : no problem found
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Avatar m tn
i think flatulence caused by colon fullness or incomplete bowel movement
foul smelling anus and warm and wet anus due to agoraphobia that is all because of our complicated brain

i tried tablet cifran-oz i relieved partially from colon fullness
pregnant people please don't take this tablet for more information about this tablet AND don't take more than 7 days both morning and prescribed me and said its for killing bacteria and pregnant should not take this. it make risk for the featus
for more information about this drug search
Avatar f tn
Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  Have you tried eliminating any foods from your diet?
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