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Fatty Liver, gerd and uncertainties
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Fatty Liver, gerd and uncertainties

For about two years I have struggled with a strong case of health anxiety. I got a degree in rehabilitation and sometimes the classes we take tend to inform you about all the bad diseases that can plague your body. I tend to worry about this a lot. Last July while in NYC after eating a greasy meal I got a bad pain on the right upper quadrant of my stomach. My PCP thought it was gallstones so he had an ultrasound of my abdomen ordered.

In turn the technician who completely violated his duties went on to tell me the results and that in fact I did NOT have gallstones but a swollen liver and that I should go to the doctor immediately. Mind you this was on a Saturday. I was frantic, afraid and uneasy. When I got to my doctor on Monday he told me it was just fatty liver. The actual Recommendations from the ultrasound said, "Fatty liver with prominent portal triad markings...hepatitis possible, clinical correlation recommended" Of course with the knowledge I had my health anxiety began to sky rocket. My doctor said just to diet and all would be ok.

The hepatitis aspect of it frightens me horribly. I do have 3 small tattoos that I got in my college years. The last about 4 years ago. I began thinking maybe it was hepatitis. Since August and even before then my doctor has ran tons of blood tests. CBC, platelets, hepatic panel, etc. The rational mind would say they would have caught hepatitis by now but the anxious side of me says that maybe they missed something. Is this possible? Is it possible that they could have done sooooo many blood tests and missed hepatitis? If it was Hep C would I be showing symptoms already? (jaundice, etc) I am so worried. I am only 24 and don't have time to be worried about health issues. Just finished school and at the top of my career. I would appreciate some sincere help. Maybe somebody can interpret those ultrasound results better for me.

Thanks again,

Also, I have been on birth control pills for 10 years now could that be correlated to the fatty liver. I had heard about this before. I have STOPPED taking them, begin working out and eating better and am wondering if that was the cause how long before my liver begins to heal.

I am 24, about 5'2 and weight 157lbs overweight I know but I thought my liver would be doing better. I have begun suffering from GERD about 1 year ago.
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Hey Lynn!

Well, if the liver function tests/ hepatic panel has been within normal limits, hepatitis is an unlikely possibility. The USG finding is likely to be due to fatty liver, which may not have a clinical correlation with normal hepatic panel and should not be anything to worry about, though it is good to have discontinued long term hormonal intake; while slight weight reduction may be helpful The acute symptoms that had initially occurred are likely to have been due to mild inflammation related to the GI/ respiratory tract/ chest wall. I would suggest discussing the situation and the suggested management plan in detail with your treating gastroenterologist.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
I thank you for all your help. I occasionally get a pain right below my breast bone and maybe that is correlated to inflammation. The birth control was a horrible idea and wish I would have been given other options. With a right diet and no more BCP how long should I expect for my liver to help itself. I know it is a resilient organ.

I think anxieties stem from my aunt dying from liver disease after 40 years of being an alcoholic. She passed away last October at 53 and as her caregivers we saw her suffer.

Liver failure plagues my mind. Currently I am only seeing my PCP he hasnt felt the need to refer to a gastro but I will ask that in august when I see him! I really appreciate your medical advise!

Thanks again!
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