Feel tight or pain on chest or Esophagus
by Danne34, Jan 19, 2010
Dear Dor,
My name is Ms. Danne. I am 34 years old. I would like to inform you that in the last 6 months i feel uncomfortable on my chest or esophagus tight. I went to check with cardiac specialists but they found nothing wrong with my heart.

However, I still feel uncomfortable on my chest and feel tight on my esophagus. Sometimes, when lying down i feel very tight on my esophagus (difficult to breath). So would you please explain me about my symtom??

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Ms. Danne
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by daveGW, May 10, 2010
hello dane i thought i would share that i'm also going through the process of getting tests done for my tight chest, feeling as though my esophagus is very tight all the time.

are you also getting food stuck?

do you have constant belching?

if so it's could be dysphagia. personally i'm finding my dysphagia very difficult to deal with because the constant pressure in my chest makes me unable to concentrate on anything else, and eating makes it feel much worse so i've lost 8kg of wieght in 3 weeks. i'm booked in to get an endoscopy by a gastro specialist so he can hopefully find out whats going on.
by mammo, May 10, 2010
Acid Reflux (GERD) will cause what you are experiencing.  Always make sure your head is elevated at night, and try some Prilosec, which can be bought over the counter.
The next step is to see a Gastroenterologist so he can view your throat and see exactly what may be happening. If he finds nothing wrong, you may want to see if it's anxiety which can also cause these symptoms.  Good luck and take care.
by Lightz1, Nov 22, 2010
I had similar feeling of pressure in my esophagus.  It felt as if my esophagus was full with food up to my throat.  I could eat and swallow and it would go down.  I tried burping but it didn't help the pressure feeling.  I wasn't having heartburn.  It turned out to be the welchol I had started on to decrease my cholesterol.  I felt bloated, constipated, a little dizzy and a fast heart rate every late afternoon and evening.  I was very fatigued and just felt lousy all over.  I have to admit that the pressure feeling in the esophagus was the scarriest.
by PeteyD, Jul 28, 2012

Your "Welchol tablet stuck in the throat feeling" symptoms sound like they could have been written by me.  I've been on Welchol for lose to twenty years now, but now (after having thyroid gland removed due to follicular cancer at the end of last year), I'm having the exact same symptoms taking the Welchol tablets as you described (I thought it might have been dyspagia brought on by the Levothyroxine I'm forced to take now).

Has anyone ever figured out what might be causing this?  It's getting so I'm starting to dread taking the Welchol (which probably doesn't help the situation any).